Fire Ant Control & Treatment in Homeland, FL

Fire ant activity is mostly concentrated underground where fire ants continually build onto their complex of tunnels. When you see substantial fire ants above ground in Homeland, FL, it’s definitely time to call Fire Ant Control, LLC, for fire ant control and treatment.

The Method of Effective Intervention

Fire Ant Control & Treatment in Homeland, FLAt Fire Ant Control, LLC, we employ a proven method of fire ant population intervention. Using a granular bait, we use worker ants as pawns to carry growth inhibitors down to the queen in order to sterilize her. Once she’s no longer able to lay eggs, the population will inevitably die out in about a month. This method is safe for people and pets, requiring no interval of wait time before returning to the treated property.

Red Imported fire ants have migrated from South America into the Southern section of the US over the last decades. Being a non-native species, these fire ants have few natural competitors for resources. Their love for warmth and moisture, as well as their ample access to resources, allow fire ants to thrive in Southwest Florida unless an effective intervention occurs. From vegetation to cement foundations, electrical works, and even the food within your pantry, it’s all at risk to fire ant infestation.

The Dangers of Doing Nothing

Following a heavy rain, have you noticed newly formed mounds near sidewalks, trees, and other elevated surfaces? If so, red imported fire ants have invaded your property. It’s only a matter of time from that point until the first attack. At some point, you’ll accidentally disturb the mound, and hundreds of ants will swarm out, climbing upward and attacking simultaneously when you move.

A few ant bites might seem like no big deal, but they hurt. For small children and those with allergies to fire ants, the bites can have serious consequences. Imported red fire ants have their own unique venom, and attacks from fire ants create blisters with hard white centers. Protect your children and your postal delivery person by calling Fire Ant Control, LLC.

Fire ants around animals are also dangerous. If you raise animals or keep pets, be aware that imported red fire ants will infest their food and attack them. These attacks can be deadly to already vulnerable animals. Protect your cattle, pets, and animal caretakers by scheduling a fire ant treatment.

Why Our System Works

Most fire ant treatments do not work.

Fire Ant Control, LLC, is different. We use a granular bait that ants perceive to be food. When they carry it down into the colony to the queen, she’ll become sterile, exterminating the fire ant population. Our methods do not focus on the mound because those methods are ineffectual, dangerous, and wasteful.

The bait used by Fire Ant Control, LLC, is safe and efficient. It doesn’t work overnight, though. It will take a month for complete effectiveness, but when a full life cycle has passed, the fire ant population will be reduced by 85-95%. For continued effectiveness, arrange for treatment every four months since fire ants are mobile creatures.

If you want to enjoy the outdoors of your Homeland, FL, home, you need to keep your property clear of fire ants with effective control and treatment. Secure your place on the Fire Ant Control, LLC, calendar for a service or a free estimate by calling (239) 312-8200 today.