Fire Ant Control & Treatment in Hopewell, FL

If fire ants are holding you hostage in your Hopewell, FL home, choose Fire Ant Control, LLC, for treatment measures that are effective and affordable. Our insect growth regulator, food-like, granular bait stops the fire ant colony at its source: the queen. Approved for use around people and animals, our product will permit you and your family to enjoy the outdoors again.

Fire Ant Control & Treatment in Hopewell, FLFire Ant Control, LLC’s headquarters lie in Bokeelia, Florida, and we serve most of Southwest Florida. In fact, with the help of our sister companies, we serve the whole area quarantined against red imported fire ants, treating up to 1,000 acres daily. The measures we use can be applied to all types of property and any size acreage.

The Florida climate and topography welcome red imported fire ants and provide them with a veritable paradise. From sun exposure to warmth, moisture, high levels of humidity, and open areas, the elements that fire ants love are in ample supply in this area.

Red imported fire ants’ entire focus in life is expanding the colony in population and size. Fire ants build nests underground, and they never stop adding to them.

The colonies that fire ants build consist of two types of ants: workers and queens. And contrary to popular opinion, some colonies can have more than one queen. The worker ants fulfill the roles of construction; caretaking for the queen, eggs, larvae; colony defense; and food collection. The queen’s only job is laying eggs, and she can lay up to 5,000 per day. As you can see, fighting the colony without addressing the reproduction speed is pointless.

The survival instincts of fire ants extend to surviving flooding. If you imagine that heavy rains or pouring water down a fire ant mound will handle the problem, you are mistaken. When flooding occurs, the entire population of fire ants will pour out of the colony and work together to form a raft around the queen with their own bodies. This ball of fire ants will float to dry ground, and the queen will simply carry on with population propagation following the flood.

The Most Effective Fire Ant Treatment

The treatment applied by Fire Ant Control, LLC, relies on a product that takes away the queen’s ability to reproduce. Consider the strong bait we apply to the property to be a Trojan horse. As the worker ants take the bait to the queen, they’re sealing the fate of their entire colony’s future. The living ants will die without new ones to replace them. While not immediate, this solution is far more effective than alternative fire ant treatments.

Within one life cycle, the fire ant population will be reduced by 85-95%, and with follow-up treatments every four months, your property will remain essentially free of fire ants.

For further education regarding affordable and efficient fire ant control and treatment in Hopewell, FL, reach out to the specialists here at Fire Ant Control, LLC, by phone at (239) 312-8200 or online. We provide a comprehensive service for all types of properties, allowing you to break free from your fire ant hostage situation!