Fire Ant Control & Treatment in Jacksonville, FL

Invest in fire ant control and treatment in Jacksonville, FL that comes with a money-back guarantee. Whether you’re raising kids or cattle, make sure that fire ants steer clear of their play or grazing by calling us at Fire Ant Control, LLC, today.

Fire Ant Control & Treatment in Jacksonville, FLWe work in conjunction with our sister companies to service the whole of the quarantined area in the Southeast. Up to 1,000 acres each day can be successfully treated for red imported fire ant infestation. With our service available, you have no reason to tolerate the threat of fire ants on your property. Live the Florida life without the bane of the outdoors by securing our treatment.

The Worst of the Ants – Red Imported Fire Ants

Solenopsis invicta, known by regular folks as fire ants, aren’t from around here. They’re an invading species from South America with no natural competition for resources. Reproducing daily as the colony’s queen lays eggs, millions of ants live and build complex tunnels underground. Unfortunately, their acclimation to this environment comes with an aggressive nature, a venomous sting, and a nesting pattern that makes them ubiquitous without treatment.

Fire ants will respond with slight provocation. They perceive any near movement to be a threat and climb and attack simultaneously as a group. They’ll attack children, pets, and guests alike, but they’ll also damage vegetation, trees, electrical equipment, and even your home’s foundation. If the infestation gets bad enough, the Pop Tarts in your home’s pantry are not even safe from red imported fire ants.

Fire Ant Control, LLC, treats every service as if it is as important as the last. Whether we are treating a school playground or your garden and yard, we carefully apply our safe, granular bait in order to take care of the fire ant colony population at its source, the queen.

After application, the fire ant population will be reduced by up to 85% within one life cycle. For continued protection, schedule our service every four months.

For four months at a time, your property can be safely traveled without having to look down and make sure fire ants aren’t around. Whether your dog is pooping or catching his stick, let him or her do so in peace without the fear of fire ants attacking.

Fire Ant Population Control

Fire Ant Control, LLC, applies a bait that targets the population of the colony by preventing the queen from reproducing. The granular bait, eaten by the workers and carried into the colony, stops the queen’s reproductive abilities, so the population dwindles to nothing as the currently living ants die. The process isn’t immediate, but it is vastly more effective than any other process or product. Since the entire lifecycle is between 22-38 days, in a few short weeks, your property will be almost ant-free.

Fully licensed and insured, Fire Ant Control, LLC, uses a bait that’s approved and safe for all types of property, and the process doesn’t have a period of wait time before re-entry.

Twice yearly fire ant treatment from our company will keep the ant population from re-emerging as they migrate, the bait is consumed, and queens try to establish colonies back on the property.

For fire ant control and treatment measures in Jacksonville, FL, that are worth every penny, give us a call at (239) 312-8200. Fire Ant Control, LLC, provides the most effective, safe, and affordable solution available.