Fire Ant Control & Treatment in Kathleen, FL

If you’re weary of dodging fire ants on your way to the mailbox in Kathleen, FL, call us at Fire Ant Control, LLC for the most effective fire ant control and treatment available. Addressing the problem promptly is essential to limiting the property damage or injury the fire ants cause.

Fire Ant Control & Treatment in Kathleen, FLThe entire Southeast portion of the United States is quarantined due to red imported fire ants. Along with our sister companies, we at Fire Ant Control, LLC, can serve this entire area using a strong bait that ants perceive to be food and that destroys the population at its source. We’re able to perform applications to up to 1,000 acres per day.

Fire ants seek out moisture, warmth, and sun. They will nest in open, exposed areas like golf courses, lawns, parks, and so on, but they will also infest the ground underneath your home’s foundation, the roots of your trees, and even within your home eventually.

To easily identify the presence of red imported fire ants, wait for heavy rain. Afterward, take a look around at above-ground level features. You’ll have mounds of loose soil around trees, sidewalks, poles, etc. Millions of worker ants are below ground constantly expanding the network of tunnels that make up the colony and hold its ever-growing population. When fire ants have to move, they return to construction quickly.

The population size of red imported fires can be astonishing. Single-queen colonies can produce 7 million fire ants per acre, and multi-queen colonies may hold 40 million per acre.

Our Methods Work

Fire Ant Control, LLC, uses methods that sterilize the queen. We’re able to treat properties ranging from small yards to parks, golf courses, and thousands of pastureland acres.

The bait we use is approved for application on all types of lands and doesn’t require an interval of wait time for entry after application.

Recreational Areas

From the Lower Green Swamp Preserve to the Gator Creek Reserve, Lake Gibson, and beyond, Kathleen welcomes wanderers to enjoy nature in the area. Any recreational spots should consider our fire ant mitigation measures to protect the children and adults who visit these areas from fire ant attacks.

Residential Yards and Apartment Complexes

When a simple walk to your car or mailbox causes a painful attack by a swarm of vicious fire ants, the problem is significant. Avoid this outcome and keep your property safe for yourself, your kids, and your guests at all times with treatment from Fire Ant Control, LLC.

Golf Courses, Pastures, and Gardens

Florida is well known for two things: golf and crops. Red imported fire ants love both of these areas. On golf courses, fire ants get irrigation to wreck and get water and plenty of sun exposure, and in fields, they get the same water access and ample food. Both result in injured golfers and farmworkers and damaged crops and equipment. Our bait is approved for use around people, animals, and crops, so count on us to effectively resolve the problem.

Reapplication Every Four Months Is Crucial

Fire ants are mobile. They fly to mate and establish a new colony, and they’ll move when rains or a lack of resources necessitate it. For this reason, you must call us for a retreatment every four months for the money-back guarantee to apply.

For the best fire ant control and treatment available in Kathleen, FL, or elsewhere, call Fire Ant Control, LLC at (239) 312-8200.