Fire Ant Control & Treatment in Lady Lake, FL

A lapse in fire ant control & treatment on your property in Lady Lake, FL will result in greater fire ant activity, injury, and property damage. Keep the outdoor areas of your property happy ones by calling on us at Fire Ant Control, LLC, every four months.

Fire Ant Control & Treatment in Lady Lake, FLOur methods work well to control fire ant populations. By methodically applying granular bait, we use the worker ants as agents to destroy their own colony. The bait is an insect growth regulator, so as she consumes the product, reproduction ceases. By the end of the fire ant life cycle, the colony will be reduced by up to 85-95%. The product that we use has been approved for use in private and public areas with no wait time for re-entering.

This area is a favorite among fire ants. The sun, humidity, moisture, and warmth are a paradise for them. As they build and go about their lives, they destroy property, crops, and trees in the process. Your home’s foundation, wiring, HVAC systems, and pantry staples are all vulnerable to the fire ants’ insatiable appetite and non-stop construction.

Fire Ant Diagnostics

When loose soil is heaped into small piles around open areas, trees, sidewalks, and your home, red imported fire ants are a problem that you need to fix. Rather than trying to do it on your own, call us. The most common treatments are ineffective, and messing with the mound, or even walking around it, could cause a merciless attack by a vicious army of simultaneously attacking villains.

If you are attacked, reach for the soap and water once you have removed all of the fire ants. The venom that fire ants have is unique to them and causes unique blisters with hard white pustules in the center. While fire ant bites cause all people intense pain, for some people, the bites can be life threatening. A small percentage of the population has an allergy to the venom and can experience an anaphylactic reaction from which they will die without medical intervention.

Fire ants are a scourge on residential, commercial, and public properties, but on agricultural properties, they’re particularly problematic. If you have chickens, horses, or livestock, be careful that fire ants don’t infest hay bales or food troughs. Fire ants will attack the newly born or very old and sick, killing them even.

The Best Management Method

At Fire Ant Control, LLC, we target the queen. By getting rid of her, we eliminate the population. Other products that target the mound may kill a few surface ants and even a few slightly underground, but the majority of the colony will remain safe, particularly the queen. She will be unfazed and continue laying eggs, replacing the dead ants and growing the population.

Our method eliminates the queen, and it doesn’t involve using hazardous chemicals. If you schedule our service every four months, the property will be 85-95% fire ant free – or your money back. Failing to arrange for service three times a year will mean that fire ants are more of a problem than you’d like.

Are you tired of fighting off fire ants when you try to enjoy your property? Call Fire Ant Control, LLC, at (239) 312-8200 or contact us online to schedule your fire ant control & treatment or to request a free estimate in Lady Lake, FL.