Fire Ant Control & Treatment in Lake Bentley, FL

Fire ants love water and sun. Generally, people do too. The shared loves clash in Lake Bentley, FL, but you can win the war against red imported fire ants with fire ant control and treatment service from Fire Ant Control, LLC.

Fire Ant Control & Treatment in Lake Bentley, FLThe methods we use to manage fire ant populations are the most effective available. We carefully and precisely apply the strong bait we use so that fire ants will view it as food. When they carry it down to the queen, it sterilizes her, defeating the colony at its reproductive source.

This bait has been approved for applications around humans, animals, and crops.

The traditional sprays and chemicals that you can buy at the big box stores or that your landscaper uses generally target above-ground fire ants, costs far too much and can be hazardous to the user and those in the vicinity.

Our method is not immediate, but it is effective. With other types of treatment, you might see a ton of dead ants and feel satisfaction, but the mass of the population is safe, protected below ground, and steadily working on the colony.

Within one life cycle of Fire Ant Control, LLC services, the colony will disappear with no new ants to replace them for four months. Our treatment will eliminate 85-95% of fire ants from your property with service three times per year.

Fire ants do fly to mate. The male dies, and the female drops to establish her new colony. For this reason, reapplication is necessary to keep the property fire ant protected.

Get to Know Your Fire Ant Enemy

Fire ant colonies are made up of the queen and her workers. While the queen handles reproduction, the workers do all other tasks, including serving her, caring for her eggs, defense, construction, and food collection.

Fire ants can have one queen per colony or more than one. Colonies with one queen can build 40-150 mounds and hold 7 million fire ants per acre, and those with more than one queen can have upwards of 200 mounds and up to 40 million red fire ants in a single acre!

The mounds they build are round, an average of 10″ in height, and as wide as the standard dinner plate. While these mounds don’t include visible openings, they are the sources for entrances and exits. They also serve to heat the colony through the warmth of the sun.

When the worker ants search for food, they bring it down to the queen. She needs the nourishment to continue laying eggs and can lay 1,500 each day. With this level of reproduction, without eliminating the queen, you will never effectively address the fire ant problem.

We’re able to treat up to 1,000 acres per day, and with our sister companies, serve the entire quarantined area of the Southeast US.

Managing the fire ant population is essential to protect the area’s property, people, and animals. Home foundations, wiring, HVAC equipment, irrigation systems, and other equipment are at risk – not to mention the painful and potentially deadly effect the unique venom has on fire ant attack victims.

Protect your Lake Bentley, FL, property from red imported fire ants with fire ant control and treatment measures provided by Fire Ant Control, LLC. Reach us by phone at (239) 312-8200 or online to receive a free estimate or schedule a service!