Fire Ant Control & Treatment in Lake Placid, FL

Resist the invasion of imported red fire ants into your property in Lake Placid, FL, by calling for fire ant control and treatment. Fire Ant Control, LLC, offers a lasting solution for public, commercial, agricultural, and residential properties.

Imported Red Fire Ants Are More Than a Slight Problem

Fire Ant Control & Treatment in Lake Placid, FLMost ants are a nuisance, but imported red fire ants are a genuine problem. They attack as a collective, simultaneously and aggressively. The attack is painful, and these ants have a venom unique to their species that leaves a red, swollen bump with a white center. The worst attacks can cause anaphylactic, life-endangering reactions.

The danger of their aggressiveness is clear when they attack at the slightest disruption of their nest. As your horses bite into a bale of hay, your children play in the grass, or a group plays a round of golf on your property, you can prevent vicious bites by clearing your property of the ants.

How, Though?

Getting rid of ants on your own is a no-go. The chemicals you can buy at feed stores and home improvement stores only address mounds individually, leaving the colony itself to continue to grow.

At Fire Ant Control, LLC, we use a bait that ants believe to be food. They carry it down to their queen; she enjoys a meal; and then she loses the ability to reproduce. As she and the rest of the living ants die, no new ants hatch to replace them.

This method will keep a property 85% to 95% free of fire ants for four months at a time.

The treatment lasts four months, but it will need to be reapplied on a regular basis to keep the ants at bay. Ants move around. They fly to mate, and they respond to heavy rain, food demands, and colony overgrowth by building new colonies. Without consistent treatment, they will be back.

Why Does This Problem Exist?

Imported red fire ants are so difficult to overcome because they’re an invasive species. They arrived from South America decades ago and have established themselves throughout the Southern region of the United States.

These ants love moist and warm areas. From your home’s foundation to your HVAC system and breaker box – electrical components are on their list for annihilation. They will invade your home, your animals’ feed, the root systems of your trees, and even your flower beds. To enjoy your property, you need to manage the population of fire ants.

Join the long list of happy clients we service with one easy phone call. We’re fully licensed and insured, and our products are safe. We provide a hassle-free method of making sure that you don’t pay the price in damage or injury for unmanaged populations of imported red fire ants.

Fire ants can be beaten. Call us for a spot on the calendar to receive fire ant control and treatment for your acreage in Lake Placid, FL. Fire Ant Control, LLC, welcomes the opportunity to serve you with a free estimate and an affordable, guaranteed service. To learn more, call (239) 312-8200.