Fire Ant Control & Treatment in Lake Wales, FL

As summer approaches, plan for outdoor enjoyment without the pain of unprovoked fire ant attacks. Fire Ant Control, LLC, provides fire ant control and treatment that will make any property in Lake Wales, FL, free of fire ant infestations.

Fire Ants Are Difficult to Manage

Fire Ant Control & Treatment in Lake Wales, FLAs an invasive species, the imported red fire ant is definitely successful. These ants can nest practically anywhere, survive below freezing temperatures, and build an ark of ant bodies to survive heavy rains. With few natural predators and speedy reproduction, fire ants will continue to thrive and spread throughout the US.

A single acre of property can sustain 7 million ants with single-queen colonies and up to 40 million when colonies have more than one queen laying eggs. You won’t see most of these ants. They work underground, but you’ll know they’re there when they expand their invasion into your home or the areas where you spend time outside. Being attacked while gardening, watching children play, or just checking the mailbox is not an event you’ll forget.

Managing the population of fire ants requires that the population is extinguished. That means taking care of the queen’s ability to replenish the colony. DIY measures that don’t take care of the queen are ineffective because she will just continue to replace the few ants that the expensive, dangerous chemicals send to their maker.

Why Fire Ant Control, LLC, Methods Work

The granular bait we use at Fire Ant Control, LLC, resembles food, and the fire ants carry it down into the colony for the queen. In reality, the bait is an insect growth regulator that prevents the queen from reproducing any more. As the living ants expire, the colony ceases.

Alternative, Inefficient Treatments

Managing a fire ant population on a do-it-yourself basis is expensive, dangerous, and largely ineffective.

The treatments you find at the local home improvement store might range from chemical sprays to granular baits. Each of these may take care of a few surface ants, but long-term resolution of the ant problem isn’t likely. Furthermore, the chemicals used could be hazardous to your family and your pets.

Home remedies like boiling water, dish detergent, gasoline, vinegar, and other oddball concoctions will have no effect but relocating the colony’s mound a few feet over.

Choose an Effective Fire Ant Treatment

The Fire Ant Control, LLC, treatments target the ant population and are approved for use on all types of properties and around animals and people. No matter the size of your property or the use of the property, call us for service. We regularly treat agricultural, residential, public, commercial, and any other type of property.

The money back guarantee that Fire Ant Control, LLC, offers requires customers to schedule follow up treatment every four months. The mobile nature of fire ants requires regular treatment. Our fully licensed and insured company will keep your grounds 85-95% free of fire ants with bi-annual treatment. Otherwise, we’ll return your money.

The havoc wrought by red imported fire ants is fierce, painful, and ever expanding. Fire Ant Control, LLC, can stop your fire ant population in Lake Wales, FL, in its tracks with control and treatment measures. For more information, call (239) 312-8200. We’ll provide a free estimate and fair pricing for fast service.