Fire Ant Control & Treatment in Lakeside, FL

If you’re looking for the best fire ant control and treatment measure for your Lakeside, FL, property, we have it in our toolbox. Red imported fire ants don’t stand a chance against Fire Ant Control, LLC, and we back that up with a guaranteed result.

Fire Ant Control & Treatment in Lakeside, FL“Beware of fire ants” is a note anyone from this area keeps in their subconscious when walking around any local property. With our service, you won’t have to; the aggressive red imported fire ants will be anywhere but your property, and your HVAC, electrical, foundation, and landscaping will be protected.

Imagine the freedom of walking through your yard, gardening, watching your kids play, or welcoming guests without wondering if fire ants await. The sting of red imported fire ants is particularly venomous, always causes pain, and sometimes causes allergic reactions that can be deadly.

Fire Ants Love Lakeside, FL

A suburb of Jacksonville, Lakeside, FL, rests alongside a lake, as the name suggests. The warmth, sunshine, and moisture allow fire ant populations to multiply freely.

From parks and playgrounds to golf courses and residential yards, fire ant infiltration is inevitable without an effective treatment in place.

Our methods work by addressing the colony at its source: the queen. We use a bait that acts as a Trojan horse, preventing the queen from reproducing and the population from growing.

What to Expect from Fire Ant Control, LLC

The measures used by Fire Ant Control, LLC, are effective on all properties, regardless of the purpose. From your half-acre plot surrounding your home to a thousand-acre ranch, all are fully treatable with Fire Ant Control, LLC, solutions. The product we use is safe, regulated, and fully approved for use on public and private properties, around people and animals.

Your Home

Your home should be a place of joy and relaxation. You should feel safe and comfortable as your family enjoys the outside areas, and we can provide the fire ant treatment required for this comfort.

Parks and Playgrounds

When families go to parks and teachers release their classes for recess, the last thing they want to worry about is fire ant attacks. Red imported fire ants sting viciously and have a unique venom that leaves a large bump with a white center. For some fire ant victims, the results are far worse; they can cause allergic reactions that lead to death without intervention. Managers of school grounds or public works should call Fire Ant Control, LLC for management of the fire ant population.

Golf Resorts and Tourist Locales

Golfers and others focused on relaxation expect to enjoy their time without becoming endangered. Protect your guests with treatment from Fire Ant Control, LLC. Fire ants can attack in a blink of an eye without any warning unless you take steps to make sure they are under control.

The fire ant control measures we use are guaranteed for six-month periods. Red imported fire ants are mobile and will return to form a new colony as the bait diminishes. The bait lasts about four months, but with reapplication, your property will remain up to 95% free of fire ants.

Schedule a consultation and free estimate for fire ant control and treatment in Lakeside, FL, by calling (239) 312-8200 to retain the services of Fire Ant Control, LLC. As the manager of a retreat, resort, park, or home, effective management of fire ant populations is up to you.