Fire Ant Control & Treatment in Land O’Lakes, FL

Fire ant control and treatment in Land O’Lakes, FL, might seem elusive when you’re trying DIY solutions. The moist soil and bodies of water that we have in Florida call ants to the area like moths to a flame. They love it here, and getting rid of them isn’t easy. Call Fire Ant Control, LLC, for the professional, effective answer to a fire ant invasion.

Fire Ant Control & Treatment in Land O'Lakes, FLSome might shrug as if to say, “what’s the big deal with fire ants”?

Well, the big deal will be obvious when you, your child, or your pet is swarmed by an aggressive colony of imported red fire ants. The bites are painful, and the ants attack in unison while they climb upward. The numerous bites can cause a severe allergic reaction that could result in death without medical intervention.

Fire ants are also an issue in agricultural settings. Crops; injured, young, or aging animals; and electrical components are all at risk to an abundance of these ants. Call Fire Ant Control, LLC, for an immediate control measure for these destructive creatures.

If you let fire ants go unchecked, they will disturb your trees’ root systems, your home’s foundation, and even come into your home during heavy rains and in search of food. They’re attracted to the warmth of electrical units and have been known to wreak havoc on A/C units, circuit breakers, and other equipment. Protect your home and its occupants by calling Fire Ant Control, LLC, sooner rather than later.

Conventional Treatment Methods

Do-it-yourself measures aimed at fire ant control are largely ineffective because they focus on the mound. The problem with this solution is that you’ll only address the surface ants while millions go on busily expanding their colony’s home underground. The majority of the colony spends its time underground, hidden away in a network of tunnels. A single acre of land can hold millions of ants within just one colony.

The chemicals used for this method are often dangerous for animals and humans as well. Choose to call Fire Ant Control, LLC, for a solution deemed safe for use around your pets, kids, and other animals.

Our Methods

The methods we use for fire ant management take care of the queen, so new fire ants aren’t born to replace the ones that die. In a few short weeks, the fire ant population will be 85-95% eliminated from your property.

Our granular bait is a food-like temptation for the fire ants that they ingest and carry down into the colony. When the queen enjoys her portion, she’s sterilized and can no longer reproduce. The living ants die, and so does the fire ant colony. Because ants will move around and the bait will decompose, we recommend that you schedule service every four months.

Reach Out to Fire Ant Control, LLC

As your local source for professional fire ant control and treatment in Land O’Lakes, FL, Fire Ant Control, LLC stands ready to help keep your fire ant problem from becoming disastrous. Reach out by calling (239) 312-8200.