Fire Ant Control & Treatment in Leesburg, FL

Are you ready to take back your property from vicious colonies of fire ants? If so, you need the fire ant control and treatment in Leesburg, FL, that only we provide. Fire Ant Control, LLC, is the convenient, effective, and affordable way to get fire ant populations under control.

Know Thy Enemy

Fire Ant Control & Treatment in Leesburg, FLThe red imported fire ant is an invasive species that originally hailed from South America. Finding its way into the US through the Port of Mobile in the 1930s, this pest has now made its home throughout the southern US, especially here in Florida.

The name fire ant should give you an idea of their appearance and the pain from their attacks. If you’ve been bitten by fire ants, you know it. They leave behind unique blisters with a hard white pustule in the center. Unfortunately, a small percentage of the population is also allergic, so an attack can lead to anaphylactic reactions without hasty medication intervention.

The red imported fire ant builds immense, complex colonies below ground with only their mounds of soil above ground to indicate their presence. Most of their lives and work go on in these underground passages that are constantly being expanded to accommodate an ever-growing population.

The population generally focuses on the queen. She’s the source of the population; laying eggs is her only job. The rest of the ants are workers. They work construction, hunt for food, go to war in defense of the queen, care for the queen and the eggs, and even sacrifice themselves as part of a living raft during heavy rains to protect the queen. To red imported fire ants, the queen is the priority, always.

This priority informs our treatment measures.

The red imported fire ant is a hardy species. The queen lays eggs by the hundreds; they eat practically anything; and they will infest practically any space that offers warmth and moisture.

Defending the colony is of critical importance to the red imported fire ant. An army of ants will rush forth from the colony at the slightest provocation whether it’s a butterfly that lands too close to the mound or you as you walk to check your chicken coop or your mailbox.

The trouble with red imported fire ants goes even further than that. From crops to flower gardens, home foundations, HVAC equipment, and more, these vicious creatures do real property damage in addition to injury.

The fire ant population can be astounding. If single-queen colonies infest the property, you may have between 40-150 mounds and around 7 million ants per acre, and with multiple-queen colonies, the number of mounds climbs to 200+ and up to 40 million red fire ants per acre.

Effective Fire Ant Management

Fire Ant Control, LLC, applies our strong, food-like granular bait in a select fashion to target the ant population at its source. This process doesn’t work right away, but it works thoroughly. After the worker ants carry the bait into the colony, the queen consumes it and becomes sterile. As living ants die, the population diminishes by 85-95%.

Before fire ants completely take over your Leesburg, FL property, get them under control with fire ant control & treatment in a proactive form. Learn more about our efforts today by calling Fire Ant Control, LLC at (239) 312-8200 or reach out online.