Fire Ant Control & Treatment in Lithia, FL

Red imported fire ants are extremely common in Southwest Florida. Properties of all sorts in Lithia, FL – from residential to commercial, recreational, agricultural, and more – require fire ant control and treatment measures. Without them, the invaders will injure people and animals and destroy real property.

Cue the specialists at Fire Ant Control, LLC!

Fire Ant Control & Treatment in Lithia, FLWe’re able to provide a solution to invasive fire ants that other DIY and landscaper-provided treatments can’t. This solution has been elusive since the 1930s when the fire ants first arrived and began to make their way across the southern United States.

The Solenopsis invicta species of fire ants are incredibly aggressive and have a unique venom that causes a painful blister with a white center. Red imported fire ants are the only fire ants that produce such an injury.  When the person bitten has an allergy, the attack can even cause death without medical care. The propensity to attack in combination with the speed of reproduction make this type of ant the worst of all fire ants.

The ultimate goal at Fire Ant Control, LLC, is to protect the people, animals, and real property from these dangerous insects. In collaboration with our sister companies, we’re able to apply bait to 1,000 acres each day, and altogether, we service the entire quarantine area in the Southeast United States.

Understanding of Red Imported Fire Ants

The moisture of Florida draws fire ants. They love having ready water available, and they’ll build colonies in all sorts of places. Mounds will largely go unnoticed as ants construct networks of tunnels underground, among tree roots, around fallen trees and rotten logs, underneath sidewalks and home foundations, and even inside HVAC systems and breaker boxes. This area is a haven for fire ants, and they take advantage by growing wildly.

The speed of fire ant reproduction is amazing. Each colony’s population includes workers and queens, and some colonies have more than one queen. The workers do the construction work, food gathering, and fighting. The queen lays eggs – a lot of them. She can live up to six years and lay between 1,500-5,000/day. Multi-queen colonies can have populations of up to 40 million fire ants per acre.

How Our Process Works

The methods that we use to treat fire ant populations involve granular bait that fire ants believe is food.

When the worker ants come across the bait, they transport it deep into the colony to the queen. She ingests it and becomes sterile. Since no new ants hatch, the population doesn’t grow, and the population is phased out by the end of one life cycle.

The bait that we use is safe and approved for use on all types of land. You won’t have to worry that children, pets, or other animals are exposed to the bait. In fact, we have no period of wait time before you’ll be able to safely enter your property after treatment.

Fire Ant Control, LLC, has full licensing and insurance coverage, and we back our efforts with a money-back guarantee for four months of 85% freedom from the scourge of fire ants.

Our solution is long-term – effective for half a year at a time. This means that you’ll save money by avoiding monthly fees, not to mention the repairs you’ll avoid following the damage done by invasive red imported fire ants.

Reach out online or by phone to Fire Ant Control, LLC. Our number is (239) 312-8200, and we’re happy to provide a free estimate for your first service and effective treatment for all of your properties.