Fire Ant Control & Treatment in Mandarin, FL

If you’re facing the scourge of fire ants in the Mandarin community of Jacksonville in Duval County, FL, secure fire ant control & treatment from Fire Ant Control, LLC. We provide a strong, strategic process that works to manage a problem that will not improve without intervention.

Recognition of the Red Imported Fire Ant Problem

Fire Ant Control & Treatment in Mandarin, FLThe fire ant management that we provide is necessary to fight the worst of all the fire ant species. The red imported fire ant hails from South America and has become pervasive throughout the Southeast region of the US.

Red imported fire ants are aggressive and have a unique venom that causes a significant pustule blister when they sting. Being as aggressive as they are, any slight disruption or proximity to the mound can be perceived as a danger, and they will attack in return. Hundreds of ants will spring forth from the mound, attacking all at once. Life-threatening anaphylactic reactions can result from such attacks in 1-2% of the population.

Treating red imported fire ants is a problem because of the survival behaviors of the species. They’re constantly building, reproducing, and foraging, as are most ants. These ants, though, do so with no natural competition and have even driven out many native species of ants from areas.

The mounds that you see above ground are signs you have a problem, but what you can’t see is the millions of ants and complicated networks of tunnels they continually expand underneath the surface.

Each colony can hold millions of ants. A colony with one queen can have a population that numbers 7 million, and one with multiple queens may number 40 million red imported fire ants.

The damage that red imported fire ants can do includes to HVAC systems, electrical components, home foundations, tree roots, vulnerable animals, hay bales, and more.

Don’t wait for rain or cold to drive these ants into your home and car. Call us to handle the problem with a pre-emptive strike.

The Types of Properties We Service

No property is without risk of fire ant infestation!

We regularly treat yards, business parking lots, farms, ranches, pastures, parks, schools, golf resorts, and so many other types of properties.

Leave nothing to chance when it comes to red imported fire ants. Allow us to protect your property and your loved ones and guests by securing tri-annual service from Fire Ant Control, LLC. As a property manager or home owner, you will be neglectful if you know to take care of the problem and fail to do so.

How Our Treatment Works

Fire Ant Control, LLC employs a granular bait that we apply skillfully to properties of all types. The bait is approved for use around people and animals and will keep your property at least 85% free of fire ants for four months at a time.

We do not apply the treatment directly to the mounds, targeting surface ants. Instead, the worker ants carry the bait down into the colony to the queen. She becomes sterile when she ingests the bait, so the population dies off without any replacements hatching.

Fire ants are mobile, so our clients must schedule reapplication every four months for continuous protection.

Are you ready to handle the problem successfully? Call Fire Ant Control, LLC, for effective fire ant control and treatment in Mandarin, FL today. You can reach us online or by dialing (239) 312-8200.