Fire Ant Control & Treatment in Mascotte, FL

Do your daily walks to the mailbox or forays into the garden end with a scurry to the house caused by a flurry of fire ant bites? If so, you ought to consider servicing your Mascotte, FL, property with fire ant control & treatment provided by Fire Ant Control, LLC.  We can remedy the situation conveniently and affordably.

The Scourge of the Insect World – The Fire Ant

Fire Ant Control & Treatment in Mascotte, FLA fire ant bite is painful and often unavoidable. An innocent day at the park can quickly become tortuous when you accidently walk too closely to a hidden mound. You know them if you’ve come in contact with them, and in this area, you probably have.

The red imported fire ant, scientifically known as Solenopsis invicta, is the worst of the fire ants. If the bite doesn’t let you know, you can tell that they’re red imported fire ants by the deep red of the thorax and the black abdomen.

These ants are industrious, with an ever-growing population and tunnel network. Their underground nests are intricate and complex, with plenty of tunnels accessible aboveground by the fire ant mounds.

Within these colonies, thousands of ants work constantly. Within a single acre, properties with single-queen colonies may have up to 7 million fire ants and multi-queen colonies will house 40 million. This level of population size takes substantial measures to manage, and we have effective products and processes.

But you don’t have mounds, you say. You might not believe that you have fire ants. However, in this area, you most assuredly have fire ants, and the population is growing by the day. Allowed to grow unchecked, the population will eventually result in property damage and injury to pets and people.

Protect Your Landscaping and Gardening

Fire ant management is essential to taking care of your landscape and garden. Girdling occurs when fire ants cause the exposure of vulnerable parts of plants to the air, causing their death. From young plants to vulnerable trees, crops and landscaping are often destroyed by infestations of red imported fire ants.

Protect Your Home

The damage done to your home by fire ants is equally surprising. Your home’s foundation, HVAC equipment, laundry piles, and even the food in your pantry can become a resource for fire ants, and they will destroy your property in the process.

Our Solution

Red imported fire ants can infest practically any type of land, and Fire Ant Control, LLC, in kind, can treat all types of properties. Our strong, granular bait resembles food to the fire ants, so the workers scavenging for food carry it down to the queen, unknowingly causing their own colony’s demise. When the queen ingests the bait, she becomes sterile and unable to replace living ants when they complete the life cycle.

This method has been approved for use around people, animals, and crops without requiring a wait period for re-entry. It doesn’t provide instantaneous freedom from ants, but it does work effectively. The property will be up to 85-95% free of red imported fire ants.

We provide guaranteed coverage for four months at a time. Fire ants fly to reproduce and establish new colonies; they get carried on animals and within crates of shipped goods; and they travel to new locations when heavy rains or resources run out. You should have us come out three times per year to effectively manage your fire ant population. Call Fire Ant Control, LLC, at (239)312-8200 to secure a spot on our schedule for fire ant control & treatment in Mascotte, FL.