Fire Ant Control & Treatment in Meadow Woods, FL

The first and last resource that you’ll need for fire ant control and treatment in Meadow Woods near Orlando, FL, is Fire Ant Control, LLC. Damage and injury from fire ants will no longer be a factor to consider when you book with us three times per year for convenient, non-disruptive service.

Fire Ant Control & Treatment in Meadow Woods, FLThe most aggressive and successful species of fire ants, the Solenopsis invicta, is commonly known as the Red Imported Fire Ant. This pest is more than a simple pest. These creatures cause genuine damage and injury. Without intervention, your home’s foundation, HVAC system, landscaping, wiring, and even pantry staples are up for grabs and will eventually suffer damage from fire ants. Of course, you must also consider the potential for injury to children, guests, postal workers, and others who venture onto your property.

Fire Ant Control, LLC, successfully treats a wide range of property types. Residential properties, businesses, parks, municipal grounds, ranches, farms, schools, golf courses, and other properties come to us for fire ant management. With adherence to the protocol suggested, which includes booking service every four months, your property will remain up to 99% free of fire ant presence, or we’ll return your money.

Meadow Woods is a pleasant place to live – sunny, green, and lush. As much as residents love it, fire ants do too.

The Problematic Reproductive Behaviors of Fire Ants

Fire ant colonies often have just one queen, but they may just as likely have more than one. The job of the queen, once she’s established the colony, is to keep it going, churning out eggs that become larvae and then adults. Properties with one-queen colonies may churn out 7 million ants/acre, and those with multiple queens in colonies can have upward of 40 million red imported fire ants/acre.

The Benefits of Choosing a Proven Fire Ant Treatment

Fire Ant Control, LLC, provides a proven method of managing fire ants. The product that we use appeals to fire ants as food, attacking the colony at its source: reproduction. This method is significantly more effective than treating mounds with chemicals because those processes may kill a few surface ants, but the work continues below ground.

The food-like granular bait that we spread acts as an insect growth regulator that prevents the queen from further reproduction. As the living ants die, the colony dwindles to nothing.

This process isn’t instantaneous. Over a single fire ant life cycle, the living ants will die, leaving your property up to 95% free of fire ants for four months at a time. You will need to reschedule service three times per year for continued fire ant protection.

Chemicals that you find available at home improvement stores are largely ineffective and even dangerous, and those used by landscaping services do not offer long term treatment. Spend less and have much greater success by entrusting Fire Ant Control, LLC to mitigate the population of fire ants. The powers that be have approved our measures for use around people and animals without requiring a period of wait time for entry.

For application of our money-back guarantee on our service, you must book treatments three times per year. Fire ants will return, setting up new colonies without regular prevention and treatment methods.

Protect your property in Meadow Woods in Orlando, FL, with fire ant control and treatment service from Fire Ant Control, LLC. Reserve an initial or follow-up service today by calling (239) 312-8200 or clicking here.