Fire Ant Control & Treatment in Middleburg, FL

The red imported fire ant is a tenacious creature. When heavy rains threaten to flood them out, or food and shelter are scarce, fire ants find a way to survive and thrive. To manage the problem comprehensively, schedule a service for fire ant control and treatment in Middleburg, FL. Rely on the methods and measures used by Fire Ant Control, LLC, to do so.

Fire Ant Control & Treatment in Middleburg, FLSecure protection from risks to property and self with fire ant management. Red imported fire ants have a unique venom that causes pain and a particular injury. In cases where the bitten person has an allergy, the bite can be deadly without prompt medical attention.

The fire ants common to the Southeast United States are damaging, aggressive, and ubiquitous. Fire Ant Control, LLC, together with our sister companies, treats the entire quarantined area and can service up to 1,000 acres per day. We’re able to easily treat residential, agricultural, public, private, commercial, and governmental properties.

Do you have a fire ant infestation to treat?

The commonplace nature of fire ants doesn’t mean that you just have to put up with them. Spotting the problem also doesn’t require subjecting yourself to an attack.

After a heavy bout of rain, gaze about your property for mounds. They may be near the home’s foundation, driveways, sidewalks, trees, fence posts, A/C systems, and more. During rains, the fire ants will leave the colony and create a raft with their own bodies to protect the queen within the center of the ant ball as it floats to safety.

Stumbling across red imported fire ants can happen with no warning. The first signal that you have fire ants could be the attack itself. Red imported fire ants cause a white-centered blister that is quite painful. They also attack as a group and can sting multiple times.

Take Care of the Red Imported Fire Ant Population

Treatments that work to manage red imported fire ants come by way of Fire Ant Control, LLC. Our granular bait, carried into the colony by the worker ants, stops the queen’s ability to reproduce and stops the population from growing.

Our treatment measures employ a granular bait that acts as a growth inhibitor. Once the queen isn’t able to lay eggs, the colony dies out as the living ants do. This process doesn’t work fast, but it works far longer than any other option. It’s also far safer than chemicals and sprays that limit treatment to the mound.

The granular bait that we use is safe for application in areas with pets, livestock, and people. The effectiveness of our product keeps properties up to 99% free of red imported fire ants when you schedule a service every four months. Since fire ants can fly quite far and ants are mobile and scavenge for food, without reapplication fire ants will work to establish new colonies.

When fire ants come calling, have an answer. Fire Ant Control, LLC, is the best solution to a fire ant problem.

Fire Ant Control, LLC, provides properties in Middleburg, FL, fire ant control and treatment that works well. From a round of golf to gardening and more, enjoy your property without watching your feet for fire ant dangers. Reach out by calling (239) 312-8200 to schedule a service.