Fire Ant Control & Treatment in Minneola, FL

Are you looking for fire ant control & treatment in Minneola, FL? Fire Ant Control, LLC, provides up to 95% freedom from infestation with service every four months.

Fire Ant Control & Treatment in Minneola, FLA money-back guarantee accompanies our service when clients follow through with subsequent 4-month appointments. Don’t give fire ants a chance to take over your property. Call us at the first indication of their presence, and we’ll nip it in the bud, pronto.

Fire Ant Control, LLC, has the confidence in our measures and the product we use to offer this money-back promise of effectiveness.

Safe and Effective

If you’re looking for a fire ant treatment that is both safe and effective, Fire Ant Control, LLC, has it. We use products that are approved for use around pets, livestock, and people. Whether you keep a few pups or a pasture of cattle, we can offer protection from vicious fire ants. You’ll be able to enter your property safely immediately after treatment without concern because the product that we use doesn’t contain dangerous chemicals and won’t go airborne.

The granular bait that Fire Ant Control, LLC, applies doesn’t spot treat mounds as other fire ant treatments do. Instead, our approach targets reproduction to limit the colony’s population. When worker ants discover the bait, they carry it down into the colony to the queen where she ingests it. Then, she loses the ability to reproduce, so as the living ants die, the colony diminishes with no replacement fire ants hatching.

Fast and Efficient

When you have a fire ant infestation, you don’t want to wait around for a solution. We work quickly and efficiently to accomplish 95% fewer fire ants within one fire ant life cycle. With service every 4 months, we can maintain these results.

Treatment every 4-months is necessary because the bait will be consumed, washed away, and otherwise deteriorate over time. Fire ants are mobile creatures, so the bait supply will need to be replaced to keep the fire ant population from resurging. When a new queen drops down to begin a new colony, stop the population rise in its tracks with regular service from Fire Ant Control, LLC.


Fire Ant Control, LLC, in partnership with our sister companies, can treat up to 1,000 acres per day and covers the entire fire ant quarantine area. We’re able to treat properties of any size – from a small lot to pastures thousands of acres in expanse. Enjoy the free use of your property when it’s been comprehensively treated by Fire Ant Control, LLC.

Comprehensive Treatment

Fire ants infest all sorts of areas. Warmth, water, and food sources are their priorities, and beyond that, they’re fairly indiscriminate about where they set up shop. Pastures, yards, gardens, HVAC equipment, home foundations, hay bales, laundry piles, pantries, and even car interiors can be subject to fire ant infestation. Neutralizing the fire ant population will protect your property from damage and the resident people and animals from injury. Fire Ant Control, LLC, can put a stop to the infestation quickly and for the long term.

Call Fire Ant Control, LLC, today for a free estimate for fire ant control & treatment in Minneola, FL, to keep residential, commercial, or governmental properties pleasant and fire ant free. Call 239-312-8200 to secure your spot on our calendar.