Fire Ant Control & Treatment in Mount Plymouth, FL

The severity of red imported fire ants shouldn’t be underestimated in yards, parking lots, farms, or any other property type. Fire ant control and treatment in Mount Plymouth, FL, from Fire Ant Control, LLC, provides the ideal solution in terms of your wallet, time, and convenience. 

A Brief History of the Red Imported Fire Ant

Fire Ant Control & Treatment in Mount Plymouth, FLAn invasive species, red imported fire ants find refuge with little competition for resources in the US. Originally from Brazil, fire ants found their way here through the Port of Mobile during the 1930s and have spread throughout the country’s southern half. They survive challenges to the population and reproduce swiftly.

Identify the Fire Ant

Fire ants are deep red, almost brown or black, and the mounds they build have flat tops and a dinner plate sized diameter. Visually, these may be your key indicators, but if you’ve been the victim of an attack, you definitely know a fire ant. Identifying red imported fire ants compared to other ant species can be difficult because they look a bit like other ants.

Fire Ant Lives

Red imported fire ants live in colonies, referring to their population and their physical network of tunnels that house that population. 

Colonies are founded when winged male and female ants from other colonies fly into the air and mate. The mate will die soon after the act, while the queen will drop to the ground and lose her wings. The queen will search for the perfect location for her kingdom, dig deep underground, and lay her first generation of eggs.

Once this first generation can take over the duties of searching for food and caring for the eggs and herself, the queen’s job becomes only to lay eggs, a job she does well. 

Red imported fire ants move to mate, escape flood waters, find food and water, on traveling shipments or animals, and so much more. The service we provide works because we stop the queen from reproducing, and with repeat applications every four months, your property will remain 85-95% free from fire ants. 

Fire Ant Dangers

You won’t soon forget a fire ant attack. In unison, they attack as a group, targeting anything in their path. Fire ants bite and sting simultaneously, injecting a unique venom that will cause a blister that looks like a pimple to erupt. The area may burn, itch, swell, and become red. For some victims,  the reaction will be worse than others, and an allergic reaction can occur for a small portion of the population. In these instances, it’s essential to get medical attention.

Fire ants cause injury, but they can also cause damage to property,  concrete slabs and foundations, vegetation and tree roots, electric wiring, HVAC, and other home systems.

Fire Ant Solution

The solution to fire ant troubles is to call Fire Ant Control, LLC.

We use granular bait that has been zoned for application around pets, livestock, vegetation, and people. Any land type can be serviced, and our bait and methods are far more successful than other options. 

The Fire Ant Control Solution

The granular bait that we use is authorized for use around animals and people. All types of land can be treated with this product, and it’s more effective and less hazardous than other treatments.

Dial (239) 312-8200  or click here to book your fire ant control & treatment service in Mount Plymouth, FL. We at Fire Ant Control, LLC, offer know-how, expertise, and skill and can thoroughly treat your fire ant situation.