Viewing fire ants as mere pests that occasionally sting is a mistake. Over time, these pests can damage property and make it impossible to enjoy your backyard without being overcome by fire ant stings and bites. Call on the experts at Fire Ant Control, LLC, to provide effective treatment in Mt. Dora, FL.

Fire Ant Control & Treatment in Mt Dora, FLSouthwest Florida is an ideal habitat for invasive red fire ants. Having migrated from South America, these ants have few natural predators, and they love the climate of this area. Their nests can overtake cement slab home foundations, destroy HVAC equipment, ruin crops, and injure pets and small children. The small mounds you walk around in your yard are actually evidence of a much more substantial problem.

While you may see individual mounds above the ground, the real activity of fire ants occurs down below. Underneath the surface, there are extensive tunnels of fire ants. They continuously build upon the size of the colony and, without intervention, will become impossible to avoid when you venture outside. You may even begin to see them inside your home – under laundry piles and inside kitchen cabinets. These fire ants are known to be both scavengers and predators.

Conventional treatments, especially those available at popular retailers, primarily target the mounds. The problem with this approach is that the ants just move their nest over a few feet and continue building.

Our Approach is Best

Fire Ant Control, LLC, spreads granular bait. Worker ants take this bait back to the queens, who are then sterilized. The future of the ant colony ends when the queens can no longer lay eggs.

Our treatment can provide 85% freedom from fire ants and, with continued treatments every four months, you’ll stay 95-99% free of fire ant infestations. If you fail to see significant reduction of fire ant activity with biannual treatments from us, we’ll refund your money.

The products that we use are approved for public and private use, and we treat all sorts of properties ranging from residential to commercial, agricultural, and public. Homes, golf courses, farms, horse ranches, public parks and lakes, and more can be overrun by fire ants and require management by professionals.

The extent of the fire ant population on your property will likely surprise you. Single-queen colonies regularly have 40-150 mounds per acre. That’s 7 million invasive red fire ants! For multi-queen colonies, you could have 200-plus mounds and 40 million red fire ants per acre. Allow us to help you deal with this problem and prevent the damage that could happen to your property.

Following a treatment from Fire Ant Control, LLC, private residences don’t have a wait time for walking through the yard. You can arrange to be home or to be away, with as much or little interaction with the technician as you desire. Different families have varying schedules and preferences, so just let our customer service team know.

If you’re ready to walk barefoot through your yard without worries about fire ant bites, call Fire Ant Control, LLC: (239) 312-8200. We’ll provide fire ant control and treatment on your Mt. Dora, FL, property in a manner that works and doesn’t cost you excessive time or money.