Fire Ant Control & Treatment in Mulberry, FL

The prevention of damage and injury from a fire ant infestation on your property in Mulberry, FL, requires the level of fire ant control and treatment that Fire Ant Control, LLC, can provide.

Fire Ant Control & Treatment in Mulberry, FLWith the scientific name of Solenopsis invicta, red imported fire ants are the villains of the ant world. They reproduce extremely quickly, attack viciously, and inject a unique and painful venom that causes intense pain and can cause anaphylaxis responses in a small percentage of the population.

At Fire Ant Control, LLC, we employ the most effective fire ant treatment available. Our specialty is managing the population by targeting the source of reproduction, and the product we use is approved for use on all types of land and acreage. In collaboration with our sister companies, we serve the entire quarantined area and can service up to 1,000 acres daily.

Fire Ants Love the Florida Life as Passionately as You Do

The Florida life you love includes the warmth, sunshine, vegetation, and plentiful waterways, and fire ants also love all of those things.

Life here doesn’t require fire ants to proceed with rigorous searches for moisture or food. They are voracious, opportunistic feeders, and this area offers no shortage of properties that will welcome them to paradise.

The trouble comes when fire ants live too close to animals, people, and property. Elderly, sick, and young pets and livestock are vulnerable to death from fire ant attacks, and people can be aggressively attacked at the slightest provocation. Keep your property as a place where no one has to fear walking, playing, mowing, or simply taking out the garbage.

A fire ant infestation is one of the most common reasons for HVAC failure. The longer a fire ant infestation continues, the more damaging the population can be. Property damage is also an issue. Red imported fire ants can do fatal damage to your home’s foundation, its wiring, and even the goodies in your pantry.

Place the Bullseye on the Queen

Fire Ant Control, LLC, targets the queen to halt reproduction and the population’s growth. We use a granular bait that is strong and desirable to fire ants as food. As the fire ants collect the bait and carry it to the queen for her meal, they effectively destroy their own colony. The queen loses the ability to reproduce, and within one life cycle, the population will be reduced by 85-95%.

Three treatments per year will maintain this level of freedom from red imported fire ants. Fire ants move to mate, establishing new colonies regularly, so retreatment is essential. Our money-back guarantee requires Fire Ant Control, LLC’s service every four months.

The Fire Ant Control, LLC, bait is an insect growth regulator. It has been approved for use around people, pets, and livestock without a waiting period for re-entry on private land.

Schedule an appointment for a consultation or a service for fire ant control and treatment for your property in Mulberry, FL by reaching out online or calling Fire Ant Control, LLC, at (239) 312-8200. We provide the leading solution for fire ant related problems cost-effectively and effortlessly.