Fire Ant Control & Treatment in Narcoossee, FL

Fire ant bites are painful, and they generally come in multiples! When you have a substantial problem with fire ants, you need effective control and treatment measures like those provided by Fire Ant Control, LLC. If your property in Narcoossee, FL, has an issue with fire ants, contact us for a free estimate.

Fire Ant Control & Treatment in Narcoossee, FLOnce you have an imported red fire ant problem, it’s difficult to deal with unless you get professional help. For a yard where you’re comfortable letting your children and pets play, you’ll need intervention from Fire Ant Control, LLC. Our methods and products are effective and lasting, unlike the treatments you’d find at most home improvement stores.

The Danger of Ignoring Fire Ant Populations

Imported red fire ants are inventive nesters. They’ll find habitation and refuge in a variety of places, including the obvious areas in your yard as well as places in your home and even underneath its foundation. These behaviors require that property owners take care of fire ants vigilantly in order to avoid expensive damage to A/C units, the home’s slab, young animals, and vegetation around the property. The activity of fire ants above ground can be deceptively subtle. You may have hundreds of thousands of ants developing and building underground without knowing it.

Fire ants are aggressive and invasive. When waters rise, they’ll even come into your home and vehicle, chewing through food packaging and nesting within piles of laundry. Within your yard, it can become impossible to simply walk through the grass without being attacked. These ants attack as a group, climbing upward and biting in a coordinated wave of pain. Their bites cause painful bumps that can become infected, and the bites can also cause anaphylactic reactions, leading to death without quick medical intervention.

Fire Ant Management

A fire ant infestation in your home and yard is a serious problem that can be resolved with convenient service from Fire Ant Control, LLC. We’ll apply a granular bait that will effectively eliminate 85% of the fire ant population after a few weeks and 95% for four months after the treatment. With biannual services, you can keep your property nearly free from imported red fire ants.

The bait granules that we use are effective for treating fire ants. The worker ants take the bait deep into the underground tunnels where the queen ingests it and becomes sterile. She can no longer lay eggs so, as the living workers die, the colony ceases to exist. Because ants are mobile creatures, you’ll need to schedule a treatment every four months to keep your property clear.

Fire Ant Control, LLC, offers services for private, public, and commercial properties. If you’re a property manager and have a fire ant issue, don’t hesitate to give us a call. Our products are authorized for use around people and animals with no re-entry period required on private property. Our bait works so well that we back it with a guarantee. If your property doesn’t stay 85-95% fire-ant free for the four months after treatment, we’ll return your money.

Property owners in Narcoossee, FL, should call Fire Ant Control, LLC, for treatment of the issue. All you have to do is pick up the phone and dial 239-312-8200, and we can resolve the problem.