Fire Ant Control & Treatment in Neptune Beach, FL

A problematic fire ant population will not get better without intervention. Fire Ant Control, LLC, provides effective control and treatment for homes, businesses, parks, golf courses, and all other types of properties in Neptune Beach, FL and the surrounding area of Jacksonville and Duval County.

The Issues Associated with Fire Ants

Fire Ant Control & Treatment in Neptune Beach, FLRed imported fire ants are by far the most dangerous of the ants in this area. Originally from South America, this aggressor has invaded and spread throughout the southern states of the US.

The appearance of this type of fire ant is intimidating, and that’s just the beginning. They’re armed with stingers and biters and decorated with a deep red thorax and black abdomen.

The aggression of red fire ants is pretty profound. A very slight disturbance of the mound will ignite a simultaneous attack. Hundreds of ants will climb, stinging all at once, multiple times. The attack will not end until the ants are removed, and they leave behind red, large bumps with a hard white center that’s unlike the injuries caused by any other ants. For some people, the attacks can endanger life when the unique venom causes an anaphylactic reaction.

The same drive to survive that causes red imported fire ants to have intense aggression also makes them highly industrious. The above ground mound might indicate the presence of a red imported fire ant population, but below the surface, you can bet that a complex network of tunnels is constantly growing.

One colony of red imported fire ants can hold high populations. Colonies with one queen may build anywhere from 40-150 mounds for entrance and exit, and colonies with more than one queen may have over 200 mounds. The population numbers are astounding. A single-queen colony may have 7 million fire ants, and multi-queen colonies may have up to 40 million red imported fire ants. Reducing these numbers requires more than simply addressing the ants that you see.

Red imported fire ants are determined to survive and go to great lengths to do so. They survive rains by protecting the queen, and they’ll invade homes, electric components, animal feed, home foundations, and any other location where survival is easier.

The Ubiquity of Fire Ants

Fire ants will overtake all sorts of properties. From farms, to yards, parks, flower beds, golf resorts, and beyond, fire ants will become an unavoidable nuisance if you let them.

Our fire ant treatments work for four months at a time. With repeated applications of our granular bait every four months, properties will remain free of fire ants for up to 85-95% of the population.

The product we apply is safe for use around people and animals without a required period of wait time before entering. Once applied, the bait is perceived to be food, taken into the colony by the worker ants, where the queen ingests it. At this point, she becomes infertile, so the population ceases to exist as the living ants die.

Are you prepared to take care of the fire ant population in Neptune Beach, FL, with control and treatment measures from Fire Ant Control, LLC? Call (239) 312-8200 to secure a place on our calendar for either a free consultation or service. With repeat treatments every four months, we back our service with a money-back guarantee.