Fire Ant Control & Treatment in Oak Ridge, FL

A fire ant infestation is not a trivial problem. When uncontrolled, fire ants will terrorize your day-to-day life. Fire Ant Control, LLC provides management and treatment for residential, agricultural, commercial, & other types of properties in Oak Ridge, FL.

Understand the Enemy to Defeat It

Fire Ant Control & Treatment in Oak Ridge, FLThe lifespan of red imported fire ants begins in the sky! They fly to mate, after which the male soon dies, and the female falls to the ground and loses her wings. Then, she scouts the area for the right spot to establish her colony.

Newly crowned, the queen will tunnel her way deep underground and lay her first generation of offspring. These worker ants hatch in about 20-25 days. They will then build a mound and find food. From this point forward, the queen’s only job is to lay eggs and grow the population while the worker ants build the physical elements of the colony, care for the queen and her eggs, and provide food for the colony.

The typical worker ant lives between 30-and 180 days, but the queen can live up to 7 years while laying 1,500 eggs per day. The need to eliminate the queen as an effective management strategy is evident.

As time passes, the queen will lay eggs that become reproductively capable males and females that will establish new colonies in the future, multiplying your fire ant problem substantially.

Behaviors typical to red imported fire ants also make them challenging to control. Ambitious and industrious builders, fire ants constantly build upon their underground networks of tunnels.

They’re also breeders and aggressive defenders of the colony. A colony with only one queen can hold up to 7 million fire ants per acre, and colonies with multiple queens can have up to 40 million fire ants per acre!

The fire ant mound is the only above-ground indication of the colony. These mounds of loose soil serve the fire ant population as a place of entrance and exit and solar heating. This heating and moisture regulation keeps the queen in prime reproductive condition and helps fire ants survive winter weather.

Red imported fire ants can survive floods and other extreme weather instances. Fire ants rush out of the tunnels with the queen and her eggs when the colony is flooded. They surround the queen in a sphere, protecting her with their bodies and creating a raft of sorts to float toward dry land. She lives, and the colony marches on.

Effective Fire Ant Management

You can manage an out-of-control fire ant population with one simple phone call to Fire Ant Control, LLC. The bait targets the queen’s reproductive abilities, meaning that within one life cycle, your fire ant population will be reduced by up to 95%, and it will remain that way with retreatment every four months. Our regulated, approved, and licensed methods work on all property types.

Schedule fire ant control and treatment for your property in Oak Ridge, FL, by phone or online contact with Fire Ant Control, LLC. Whether your property consists of a small corner lot or thousands of acres of farm or ranch land, we can provide effective population management. In fact, with retreatment three times per year, we offer a money-back guarantee.