Fire Ant Control & Treatment in Oakleaf Plantation, FL

For a once-and-for-all fire ant control and treatment program in Oakleaf Plantation, FL, call Fire Ant Control, LLC. Our process will ensure that the tiny vandals have no further opportunity to damage your property or injure your pets, children, or guests.

Fire Ant Control & Treatment in Oakleaf Plantation, FLRed imported fire ants, scientifically known as Solenopsis invicta, have a well-deserved reputation of causing injury and damage to property. Little is safe from an invasion of fire ants – your A/C, home foundation, landscaping, even your local delivery drivers are at risk when your property has an infestation of red imported fire ants.

The crew here at Fire Ant Control, LLC, promises to effectively treat red imported fire ants on all sorts of properties in the area we serve. From residential to commercial, public, agricultural, and educational facilities, every property can be protected from infestation with our service. Moreover, we provide a money-back promise that the treated property will remain up to 95% free from fire ants with service every four months.

Oakleaf Plantation is as much a haven to fire ants as to the residents of the beautiful community. Abundant sunshine, water, and greenery provide the perfect habitat for fire ants to thrive.

Fire Ant Nesting Behaviors

Many people have heard, and believe, that fire ant colonies have only one queen. For some nests, this limitation is true, but other fire ant colonies do indeed have multiple queens. The queen’s only job is to produce more fire ants, and she does her job well. Consider these numbers. A property with only one queen per colony can have between 40 – 150 mounds and 7 million ants PER ACRE. When colonies have more than one queen, those numbers jump to 200+ mounds and 40 million red imported fire ants PER ACRE.

Save Time and Money by Choosing a Proven Treatment

The proven fire ant control measure provided by Fire Ant Control, LLC, works as a bait. Instead of pouring substances into a mound and only affecting the surface of the population, fire ants ingest and carry the granular bait we use down into the colony. When the queen enjoys her tribute, she seals the fate of herself and the continuation of the colony. She becomes incapable of reproduction, so the population dies off as the living ants expire.

Our process is not immediate, but a bit of patience pays off. Within a few weeks, the population will be reduced by 85% and remain up to 95% fire ant free so long as you follow through with appointments every four months.

The fire ant products that you’ll find at home improvement stores or used by landscaping services are often dangerous, costly, and ineffective. Entrust Fire Ant Control, LLC, to protect your property from fire ants without putting your family, pets, or livestock at risk. Our bait and our methods are 100% safe and approved for use on all types of properties.

To qualify for our money-back guarantee, our customers must reschedule treatment every four months. Fire ants move from place to place, so without follow-up treatments, they will overrun the property again.

Enjoy living your best life in Oakleaf Plantation, FL, without worrying about being attacked by fire ants by calling Fire Ant Control, LLC for treatment and prevention. Book your spot by calling (239) 312-8200 today.