Fire Ant Control & Treatment in Ocala, FL

The best method of managing fire ant populations in Ocala, FL, is to book control & treatment solutions with Fire Ant Control, LLC.

Fire Ant Control & Treatment in Ocala, FLWe treat public and private properties regardless of size, and with retreatment every four months, we back our service with a money-back guarantee!

Red Imported Fire Ants, scientifically called Solenopsis invicta, have very aggressive tendencies. They will attack anything that moves at the slightest provocation and nest practically anywhere. Injuries, for most ant attack victims, manifest as painful red blisters, but for a slight portion of the population, an anaphylactic allergic response occurs.

Fire ants live where they have nearby access to water and plenty of sun exposure, but they’ll extend their colonies farther than these areas. Most of the fire ant activity occurs underground where a huge expanse of tunnels houses the giant colony.

Every colony has a population that includes at least one queen and millions of worker ants. Some colonies have multiple queens. While worker ants handle construction, food shopping, and home defense, the queen whiles away her time laying eggs and growing the fire ant population.

When new queens reach maturity, they fly into the air to mate with male ants. The male ant dies, and the queen falls to the ground and begins a brand new colony.

To manage fire ants effectively, call Fire Ant Control, LLC. Failing to limit the population spread will result in property damage and injury to people. There’s no way to peacefully live with a fire ant infestation.

Halfway Fire Ant Control Measures

If you go to the local home improvement store, you’ll find plenty of insecticides available. Liquid, granule, and dust treatments are all available. These solutions usually target the fire ant mounds themselves, leaving the fire ants underground alive and flourishing.

Internet experts may tell you to boil water and pour it over the mound. They’ll also suggest vinegar, bleach, or soapy water as a solution. Unfortunately, none of these methods kill the queen, and all will simply inspire the ants to relocate the entryway to the colony.

The ultimate lesson in all of this is that fire ant infestations require professional intervention. Chemicals, boiling water, and bleach used without care could cause injury just as the bites and stings of the fire ants do. We use a method that works effectively, kills the queen, and puts no one in danger.

Full Fire Ant Control Measures

Here at Fire Ant Control, LLC, our specialists apply a granular, food-like bait that appeals to the targeted fire ants. They carry the bait down into the colony to take care of the queen.

This bait is powerful. When the queen ingests the bait, she becomes unable to reproduce, and the fire ants die off without replacement. This method is safer and works better than chemical laden sprays and powders.

After a time, fire ants will return. They fly to mate and travel for water and food sources or when it rains. We strongly suggest that you schedule treatment again after four months.

Fire ant control & treatment in Ocala, FL is essential to a peaceful existence in outdoor spaces. Learn more by calling (239) 312-8200 to speak with Fire Ant Control, LLC. We’re fully licensed and insured and offer a free estimate as well as a money-back guarantee.