Controlling the population of fire ants on your Orange City, FL, property doesn’t have to be an impossible undertaking. Contact the experts at Fire Ant Control, LLC, for effective and affordable treatment solutions for your residential, commercial, or agricultural property.

Fire Ants Hurt

Fire Ant Control & Treatment in Orange City, FLAvoiding fire ants in this area is practically impossible. If you’ve had one bite, you know that you don’t want another. Unfortunately, the way that invasive red ants operate means that one bite or sting usually precedes many more. These stings are quite painful and even dangerous in the case of an allergy or small pets. Your kids, pets, and guests will all appreciate the absence of aggressive fire ants.

Fire Ant Mitigation

If you’ve ever tried to get control of your ant problem on your own with a product from a large retailer, you know that it’s very difficult. The typical product just inspires the ants to move their nest a few feet over and rebuild.

Fire Ant Control, LLC, uses a granular bait that worker ants carry back to their nests. When these granules reach the queen, they prevent them from reproducing and, once the living population dies out, the ants will be gone. With our treatment solution, your property can be 85-95% free of ant activity for four months at a time

Queens fly, ants migrate, and bait deposits diminish, however, so repeat applications are essential to maintain control of the fire ant population. We suggest that you schedule a service with us every four months for continued fire ant control.

We offer fire ant control to residential and commercial properties as well as farms, horse ranches, golf courses, public properties like parks, and various other property types. If fire ants can nest there, we’ll treat it.

Understanding the Fire Ant Problem

Red fire ants are originally from South America. For decades, they’ve migrated north and have slowly become common throughout the Southern United States. Being a non-native species, they tend to thrive compared to other ant species. Left untreated, these ant populations will grow and dominate a property. Nesting locations include concrete slabs, trees, and even within homes. The damage they can do is more than injury; your property is vulnerable as well. These ants can and do damage home foundations, kill young trees, and substantially injure animals.

Customers of Fire Ant Control, LLC, are more than pleased with the convenience of our service. You don’t have to be present. You also don’t have to wait any period of time before walking around the property following treatment. Rather than spend tons of money on products that don’t work well, enjoy a fully hands-free solution to your fire ant problem.

Fire ants are a problem. But, they’re not a problem you have to silently suffer with. Fire ant control and treatment is available in Orange City, FL, through Fire Ant Control, LLC. To secure your place on our service calendar, call 239-312-8200. We have the quality products and technicians to quickly offer you relief from your fire ant problem.