Fire Ant Control & Treatment in Orangetree, FL

The same highlights of the environment that make you love Orangetree, FL, also make fire ants love the area, and if you’re looking for fire ant control & treatment measures that actually work, look no further. Fire Ant Control, LLC, provides affordability, professionalism, convenience, and effectiveness.

Fire Ant Control & Treatment in Orangetree, FLProfessional intervention is the only foolproof way to control fire ants in this area. They’re simply too hardy, too aggressive, and too quick at reproduction to battle on your own. Reach out to us when you first notice a problem, or better yet, if you live in this area and don’t treat your property, you need to. The issue can get out of hand quickly, and red imported fire ants are ubiquitous to the area.

In collaboration with our sister companies, Fire Ant Control, LLC, is able to provide service to the entire quarantined area for red imported fire ants, which covers the entire Southeast US. We’re able to provide our service for up to 1,000 acres/day.

We provide a money-back guarantee for our service as well. If you follow through with repeat treatment at four-month intervals, your public, private, or commercial property will remain up to 95% free of fire ants, or we will return your fee.

Risks Associated with Red Imported Fire Ants

When red imported fire ants bite and sting, they cause incredible pain and large blisters with a white center. The blisters usually last about a week, but pain relief can be hastened by cleaning the area with alcohol or soap and water as quickly as possible. The unique venom red imported fire ants have can create a medical emergency if an anaphylactic allergic reaction occurs.

Attacks will happen without much warning or provocation. When the fire ants are even slightly bothered, the ants will swarm up, climbing, biting, and stinging in unison.

Red imported fire ants are also a risk to animals. The very young, sick, and old pets or livestock on your property can be killed by fire ant attack.

Finally, property can be damaged by fire ants. Red imported fire ants will set up shop in electrical equipment, pet feed, gardens, tree roots, underneath concrete slabs, and more. If they can access food, warmth, and refuge, they’ll set up house.

With Fire Ant Control, LLC, your property can become enjoyable again without any concern about red imported fire ant attacks or property damage.

A Process That Works

The method that we use works because we cause reproduction to cease. Fire Ant Control technicians strategically place granular bait in order to contact the problem population. When the worker ants go out hunting for food, they get the scrumptious food (bait) and carry it to the queen for her enjoyment. The bait is actually an insect growth regulator, and it stops her from being able to lay eggs. The colony goes the way of the Dodo as the living ants reach their end. With thrice yearly treatment, your property will remain 85-95% free of fire ant presence.

Fire ant control & treatment service for properties in Orangetree, FL, ought to be an expected responsibility of property ownership. Learn more about Fire Ant Control, LLC and how we can help by reaching out online or by calling (239) 312-8200 to secure a space on our schedule for an estimate or service or to pose any questions you have.