Fire Ant Control & Treatment in Ormond Beach, FL

A fire ant infestation isn’t going to get better on its own. Every property can benefit from our services, from residential yards to condominium complexes, resorts, golf courses, and beyond. Successful fire ant control & treatment for your property in Ormond Beach, FL, is as close as a booking with Fire Ant Control, LLC.

Fire Ant Dangers – Hype or Genuine Threat

Fire Ant Control & Treatment in Ormond Beach, FLRed imported fire ants are well-known for being a threat, but how much of that notoriety is earned? 

All of it. 

Fire ants hail from South America originally. They entered the US through the Port of Mobile in the 1930s, and over a century, they have become the dominant ant species in the entire Southeast. They have established a presence throughout the entire southern half of the United States.


Fire ants are intimidating from their appearance and their behavior. Red imported fire ant features include a deep red thorax and black abdomen, as well as a biting jaw and stinger. With the mandible jaw, they bite down and hold on as they sting with the stinger. This stinger injects a unique venom that only red imported fire ants have. 

This venom causes a significant blister with a hard white pustule that will linger for about a week. For a small portion of the population, the response will be anaphylactic, potentially causing death without medical intervention.

Fire ant aggression is real. As painful as red imported fire ant attacks can be, they’re also easy to provoke. A slight wind can inspire a vicious attack, making the walk to the mailbox, weeding the flower bed, or playing in the fresh dew an act of bravery. 

Property Damage

In addition to injury, red imported fire ants cause property damage that will shock you. HVAC systems, electrical wiring, concrete slabs and sidewalks, and even the food in your pantry can be destroyed by a fire ant infestation. It would truly be a shame if the very foundation of your home were damaged due to a lack of due diligence.

Resilience and Industriousness

The aggression shown by red imported fire ants parallels their industriousness. Above ground, mounds may be the only visible sign of a fire ant presence, but below ground, the constant work to grow the colony continues. 

A single acre of land can contain 7 million fire ants with single-queen colonies, and with multiple queens, that same acre can hold up to 40 million fire ants.

When heavy rains come, fire ants show their resilience. They surround the queen, protecting the future of the colony, and float to dry land. They can also survive great temperature extremes and consider almost anything food.

Taking Care of the Problem

The measures we apply need to be reapplied every four months. The granular bait will be consumed or washed away over that time, allowing new queens to establish new colonies. Application three times per year will keep your property up to 95% free of red imported fire ants, or we will return the fee for our service.

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