Fire Ant Control & Treatment in Oviedo, FL

When fire ants take over your Oviedo, FL, lawn and you lose the ability to peacefully enjoy grilling on your patio, sipping lemonade under the shade, or watching your children play, fire ant control & treatment from Fire Ant Control, LLC, is the ideal choice.

Fire Ant Control & Treatment in Oviedo, FLWe offer fire ant population management for residential, commercial, agricultural, and public properties throughout Southwest Florida. Our efforts and those of our sister companies have the capacity to treat the entire quarantined region of the Southeast United States, up to 1,000 acres per day.

Fire ant populations are easy to underestimate. You see the surface ants that move around scavenging for food and water. In reality, though, millions of ants are underneath your feet building a massive network of tunnels to house the colony.

Properties with single-queen colonies may have 40-150 mounds and 7 million red imported fire ants per acre, and those with multi-queen colonies could have 200+ mounds and up to 40 million fire ants per acre.

Southwest Florida is the perfect environment for fire ants to flourish. Every property in the area would be wise to have a scheduled treatment every four months from Fire Ant Control, LLC. Without it, your children, guests, and pets are at risk for attack.

A fire ant attack is particularly painful. Red imported fire ants have a unique venom that causes a red blister with a white center, and for most people, the pain will go away fairly quickly. For a small percentage of the population, though, the attack will cause an anaphylactic response.

The Treatment We Need

Fire Ant Control, LLC, is a fully licensed and insured company. We offer a money-back guarantee for customers who schedule service every four months and fail to see fire ant activity remain reduced by 85%.

Our bait has to be reapplied every four months. It functions as an insect growth inhibitor that makes the queen unable to reproduce and is safe for use on all sorts of properties and around people and animals.

The granular bait we apply to treat properties appeals to the fire ants as food. They transport it into the colony for the queen to enjoy. She becomes sterile, and the colony dies off as the fire ants die.

The safety of the product is also demonstrated in the fact that we don’t require a re-entry interval. You won’t have to worry about being exposed to any chemicals when you book our service.

How to Handle a Fire Ant Attack

The initial response to a fire ant attack is obvious. Get away from the mound and remove the ants. This may mean removing your socks and shoes, and for young children, make sure to check their clothing.

Monitor breathing, watch for throat or tongue swelling, and note any digestive or chest discomfort. If you experience these problems, head directly to the ER. Once you establish that you are allergic to fire ants, begin carrying an EPI pen for such an emergency.

The areas that have been bitten should be cleansed with soapy water or an alcohol wipe. You can also apply anti-itch cream, take an antihistamine pill, or apply a washcloth soaked in cold water. If your fire ant bites don’t heal fairly quickly, check with your doctor to see if you need antibiotics.

Handling fire ants on your property in Ovideod, FL, requires fire ant control & treatment from a professional provider like Fire Ant Control, LLC. To secure your place on our schedule, call (239) 312-8200 today!