Fire Ant Control & Treatment in Paradise Heights, FL

Homes, parks, schools, resorts, and farms in Paradise Heights, FL, can find cost-effective, simple, and effective fire ant control & treatment here at Fire Ant Control, LLC. The red imported fire ants problem is pervasive, and it won’t improve without professional intervention.

Fire Ant Control & Treatment in Paradise Heights, FLFire ants tend to reproduce without limitation in the utopian environment of Florida. The warmth, sun, and moisture of the area create an ideal environment, and the fact that fire ants are an invasive species means that they lack competition for food, water, and space.

The methods we utilize to control the population are approved for use around people and animals. They work to minimize the fire ant population no matter the property’s function or acreage.

The bait we apply to our clients’ properties resembles food to fire ants and behaves as an insect growth inhibitor. The colony’s queen is the sole source of population growth, so when the queen ingests the bait and becomes infertile, the population stops growing.

In addition to the granular bait we use at Fire Ant Control, LLC, we employ a precise application to amplify the effect of the treatment.

The granular bait used by Fire Ant Control, LLC, doesn’t provide an instantaneous result; instead, the process requires an entire life cycle. With retreatments every four months, properties we treat maintain 85-95% freedom from fire ant infestation.

Property Types That We Service:

  • Landscaping Companies and Foliage Nurseries – Florida landscaping is no joke. Homeowners take the beauty of their property seriously, as they should. Taking advantage of the lovely climate is an obligation. Still, fire ants interfere with the health of the foliage and the ability of gardeners and landscapers to perform necessary tasks injury-free.
  • Single-Family Residences and Apartment Complexes – Home should be where life is enjoyed, not where you have to watch out for fire ants with every step. The property damage that fire ants do to cement slabs, wiring, and AC systems is also worthy of concern.
  • Public Parks and Activity Spaces – Let your kiddos rip and run without concern when you know that the area is protected by service from Fire Ant Control, LLC.
  • Farms and Ranches – Vegetation, livestock, and laborers are all at risk from fire ant infestations. We can treat up to 1,000 acres/day, and the product has been approved for use around animals and crops. Bear in mind that young, sick, and stabled animals can fall prey to vicious fire ants – even to the point of death.
  • Golf Resorts – When fire ants build colonies on the green, it’s not just your swing that will suffer. Appropriate management of the resort will include a suitable fire ant treatment as we provide.

Fire Ant Control, LLC, employs a granular bait that fire ants think is food.

The queen ingests the bait and then becomes sterile. No eggs equal the demise of the colony. The population will be at least 85% diminished within a life cycle.

Prioritize safety and property protection for your property in Paradise Heights, FL, by securing effective fire ant control and treatment. Fire Ant Control, LLC, provides an easy and affordable solution with one simple phone call to (239) 312-8200.