Fire Ant Control & Treatment in Pasadena Hills, FL

Home and business owners in Pasadena Hills, FL, who face an overwhelming influx of red imported fire ants, should choose fire ant control and treatment from Fire Ant Control, LLC. Our strategy targets the source of the population: reproduction.

Understanding the Problem with Fire Ant Infestations

Fire Ant Control & Treatment in Pasadena Hills, FLRed imported fire ants are far from just another ant species; they are the worst fire ant species in terms of aggressiveness, injury, damage, and survival rates. The species has no natural competition for resources in the US since it’s an invasive species hailing from South America.

When red imported fire ants attack, their unique venom creates a response that manifests as a hard blister with a white center that hurts badly. Their aggressive nature causes a simultaneous attack at any perceived threat. An army of fire ants will stream from the mound and attack in unison, biting and stinging. Some people have an even more severe reaction because they have an allergy bad enough to cause anaphylaxis. Ensure that you monitor any victim of a fire ant attack for signs of this painful and life-threatening issue.

Management of fire ant populations is complicated because their survival instincts allow them to overcome challenges. Red imported fire ants never stop reproducing and extending their colony.

Fire ants build mounds above ground, but most of the colony lives and works below ground. Treatment measures that target fire ants on the surface are never successful because reproduction and growth continue unaffected.

The colony itself is made up of millions of fire ants. A single queen colony holds up to 7 million, and a multiple queen colony holds up to 40 million. Those numbers are per acre!

Property damage due to red imported fire ants can be devastating. From your home’s foundation to its HVAC system, landscaping, wiring, and even the Pop-Tarts in your pantry, your property is at risk to fire ants.

Before the search for warmth, dryness, and food send red imported fire ants into vehicles and homes, secure service from Fire Ant Control, LLC, to manage the infestation.

Fire Ant Control, LLC, Services All Properties

Red imported fire ants can infest all types of properties. At Fire Ant Control, LLC, we service them all. All properties can be treated with our bait, from residential landscapes to parking lots, parks, pastures, ranches, farms, resorts, schools, and beyond. Furthermore, the bait doesn’t require a wait time for re-entry and can be used around people and animals. Tri-annual services (3 per year) are essential for Floridian property owners.

The Fire Ant Control, LLC, Method

At Fire Ant Control, LLC, we use a granular bait that we strategically apply to all sorts of properties. Scavenging ants carry the food to their queen without realizing that it will make the queen infertile. As existing ants complete their life cycle, no new ants arrive in replacement.

The property will not remain fire ant proof forever, though. The species moves around quite a bit, so you should reschedule with Fire Ant Control, LLC, every four months.

For an effective fire ant control and treatment in Pasadena Hills, FL, call Fire Ant Control, LLC. We make it easy to keep your property protected from the scourge of fire ants. To schedule your service, contact us online or via phone at (239) 312-8200.