Fire Ant Control & Treatment in Pine Castle, FL

The tools of fire ant control and treatment in the toolbox of Fire Ant Control, LLC, are ideal for managing population numbers in Pine Castle and the rest of the Orlando, FL area. We provide the best method of control and a money-back guarantee supporting the quality of our efforts.

Fire Ant Control & Treatment in Pine Castle, FLBeing wary of fire ants is a wise approach for any resident of the South, and after one encounter with fire ants, the lesson doesn’t need to be learned twice. Red imported fire ants are aggressive, quick breeders, and industrious nesters. The landscaping, systems, and structure of your home are at risk of damage to their nesting behaviors, and injury to your family and guests is also a constant danger when you have uncontrolled fire ant populations on your property.

Spend your outdoor experiences enjoying yourself rather than monitoring your surroundings for fire ants by securing Fire Ant Control, LLC, for service. Fire ants have a unique venom that is especially painful and can be deadly to the small portion of the population with an allergy to the venom.

Evicting Fire Ants from Properties They Love

Pine Castle, a community within the greater Orlando area, provides fire ants with all of the elements they need to thrive including sunshine, high temps, water, and food sources. Fire ants take over every space from yards to parks, playgrounds, golf courses, and more, but Fire Ant Control, LLC, can effectively treat all of these spaces and more.

We focus on the ability of the queen to reproduce in order to manage the population of fire ants by using a bait that they perceive to be food and carry to the queen for her consumption. The bait then makes the queen unable to reproduce, preventing the population from renewing itself.

Expectations of a Fire Ant Control Service

A Fire Ant Control service promises convenience and effectiveness. No matter the purpose the property fills, our process and products work, regardless of square footage. The bait that we strategically apply is regulated and authorized for applications on both private and public lands and on properties with livestock, pets, and people without requiring a period of time before re-entry.

Areas Treated by Fire Ant Control, LLC

Homes, parks, golf courses, and other outdoor places should be spaces for relaxing, activity, and focus on one another rather than the presence of fire ants. We offer fire ant treatment that will provide this space.

The consequences of leaving these areas untreated will be pain and injury. Red imported fire ants bite and sting simultaneously, and they have a venom that no other creature has. This venom leaves behind a substantial bump with a hard white pustule. To minimize pain, clean the area with soap and water or alcohol, and be sure to monitor children when they’re attacked. An anaphylactic reaction is possible in 5% of the population and can cause death without immediate medical intervention.

The Fire Ant Control service is guaranteed for four-month terms. Fire ants move and establish new colonies, so as the bait gets consumed and washed away, reapplication becomes necessary to keep the fire ant population reduced by up to 95%.

Book service for fire ant control and treatment in Pine Castle near Orlando, FL by following this link or calling (239) 312-8200 to speak with the team here at Fire Ant Control, LLC.