Fire Ant Control & Treatment in Pinellas Park, FL

Pinellas Park, FL, receives the best fire ant control & treatment measures from the professionals employed here at Fire Ant Control, LLC. Handling fire ant infestations appropriately and quickly will save you from property damage, injury, and aggravation.

Fire Ant Control & Treatment in Pinellas Park, FLThe damage from fire ants can extend from electrical equipment to machinery, concrete slabs, and beyond. The injury to animals and humans is also a serious issue for property owners.

The damage to property is an expensive result of fire ant infestations. The wiring, HVAC system, outside machinery, and other equipment can be costly to repair and/or replace. Imagine such a small insect can cause such extensive damage, and consider the ease of having us service your property every four months to prevent it.

Also known as Solenopsis invicta, red imported fire ants have a terribly painful bite. They have a unique venom that causes a blister with a white pustule in the center, and for a small percentage of the population, the venom can cause an anaphylactic reaction. This situation can be deadly without intervention medically.

When bitten, remove the ants as quickly as possible. They do have pinchers and will hang on while stinging and biting. Then, clean the area with soap and water or an alcohol wipe. Removing as much of the venom as quickly as possible can alleviate the pain.

For property owners with children, pets, or livestock, fire ants can be really dangerous. They’ll infest hay bales, sand boxes, food troughs, and other areas where the vulnerable will spend time. Old, sick animals or newly born creatures can be killed by fire ants.

Solve the Problem

To solve the problem as a property owner, call Fire Ant Control, LLC. We will arrive and apply our strong, granular bait in a targeted fashion on your property. We’re able to treat small yards as easily as we do ranches and farms with significant acreage. The bait is taken into the colony where it works its magic.

The bait is actually an insect growth regulator, which has been approved for use around people, animals, and crops. When the queen gets her piece, she is sterilized. No longer able to lay eggs, the queen can’t replace fire ants as they reach the end of their life cycle. In this fashion, the colony’s demise takes a few weeks but works for four months at a time. When you call us for service three times per year, we offer a money back guarantee that your property will be up to 85-95% fire ant free.

Other treatments for fire ants cost quite a bit, only target surface ants, and can even be toxic to surrounding people and animals. Don’t waste your time or risk injury trying any DIY methods that you see online that might mention boiling water, vinegar, or fire. The queen will remain, and she will continue laying eggs and expanding the colony. In the process, you’ll likely get stung or even worse.

If you’re unconvinced, consider calling Fire Ant Control, LLC, for a free estimate. Our number is (239) 312-8200, or you can use our online contact form. We offer the fire ant control & treatment in Pinellas Park, FL that will keep your animals and children safe, your property protected, and your outdoor spaces fun!