Fire Ant Control & Treatment in Polk City, FL

If a fire ant problem has you dreading the daily mail run on your property in Polk City, FL, sign up for fire ant treatment from the specialists in the industry, Fire Ant Control, LLC. No matter the type of property you own or manage, we can apply an effective and affordable solution.

Fire Ant Control & Treatment in Polk City, FLThe answer to red imported fire ants is to pick up the phone and call Fire Ant Control, LLC. Our expertly applied service effectively manages the fire ant population for four months at a time. In collaboration with our sister companies, we service the entire quarantined area of the Southeastern states, covering up to 1,000 acres each day.

Small but Dangerous and Destructive

Red imported fire ants entered the US through the Port of Mobile in the 1930s. They are originally from South America but found the Southeastern states of the US so suitable that they quickly established a foothold and are now ubiquitous to the area and continue to spread.

Mitigating the fire ant population can be difficult without Fire Ant Control, LLC because of the fire ants’ nesting behavior and survival instincts, fast reproduction, and constant building.

Reinfestation is another significant problem with fire ants. They travel to reproduce, survive heavy rains, and secure good food sources. For this reason, we suggest calling us for treatment every four months. Our money-back guarantee requires it.

We at Fire Ant Control, LLC, may not eliminate the species as a whole, but we can definitely help you limit the population size by 85-95%.

The Tool That Works for Fire Ant Control

Suitable tools for battling fire ants are essential to effective control. When food is readily available, the bait must be extremely appealing to the fire ants to get them to carry it into the colony. If the bait acts too quickly, the worker ants will die before the delivery to the queen is complete.

The sprays that you’ll find at the hardware store or on the back of your local landscaper’s truck are also problematic. They will only kill the ants that the spray hits, leaving most of the population free to keep building and the queen to carry on laying eggs. Sprays are also environmentally hazardous, possibly intruding into the groundwater, and may even be carcinogenic.

Fire Ant Control, LLC, employs a granular bait that works terrifically despite these challenges.

Fire ants love our bait. They see it as tasty and carry it to the queen without recognizing it as an insect growth regulator. When she enjoys her share, she becomes sterile, diminishing the colony’s population within a single life cycle.

Fire Ant Control, LLC’s money-back guarantee requires that you schedule retreatment three times per year, every four months. With this level of service, your property will remain 85-95% free of fire ants all year or your money back.

Stop the invasion of red imported fire ants on your Polk City, FL property by calling Fire Ant Control, LLC. We’re ready to provide a free consultation, convenient service, and even a recurring service. Give us a call at (239) 312-8200 or reach out online.