Fire Ant Control & Treatment in Reunion, FL

The fire ant control and treatment needed for your residential or commercial property in Reunion, FL, comes with a money-back guarantee from Fire Ant Control, LLC. Protect your family and your patrons by securing your place on our schedule.

Fire Ant Control & Treatment in Reunion, FLEnjoy the lifestyle Florida provides by keeping your property up to 95% free of red imported fire ants. Our affordable service means that no property owner has to deal with the overhanging threat of vicious and marauding fire ants. In collaboration with our sister companies, we are proud to be able to treat the entire quarantined area of the US Southeast, up to 1,000 acres daily.

A Primer on Red Imported Fire Ants

Red imported fire ants are an invasive species from Brazil, although they’ve been in the US since the 1930s. Being a non-native species, they lack competition for resources, and the resources available to them in Florida create an absolute fire ant utopia.

The queen lays up to 5,000 eggs each day, and the millions of ants below ground constantly expand the interconnected tunnels that make up the colony. As the population and the colony grow, the risk of damage and injury do as well.

Walking through properties with fire ant infestations is analogous to walking through a minefield, without the explosion. Instead, the tiniest movement near the mound will trigger a vicious attack on whatever is near. Ensuring that your yard is safe for children’s play requires surety that fire ants aren’t waiting to attack.

Red imported fire ants will also cause damage to your property, damage that can be incredibly expensive.

Fire Ant Control, LLC, recognizes that our clients and their properties matter. From playgrounds to yards, parking lots, parks, and pastures, our team will come in, apply the bait appropriately, and make sure no damage occurs to your property in the process. This bait will stop the queen from providing new ants to the population.

Within one life cycle, the colony’s population will be thinned out by 85-95%, but to keep that level of protection, our clients must follow up with service every four months.

With Fire Ant Control, LLC, visiting your property three times per year, you can be confident in the safety of your property. Spend your days gardening, watching kids play, and otherwise enjoying the outdoors without worries about fire ant attacks.

The Management of Fire Ant Populations

The team at Fire Ant Control, LLC uses a strong granular bait that manages the population by targeting the queen. This bait is consumed by the workers, taken into the colony to the queen, and prevents the queen from being able to reproduce. Without being able to lay eggs, the population zeros out when living ants reach the end of the life cycle.

The management process doesn’t work right away, but it provides long-term effectiveness. Within a month, your property can be practically free from ants, between 85-95%.

Fire Ant Control, LLC is a comprehensively licensed and insured company with a granular bait that has been deemed appropriate for use on all sizes and types of properties. The service we provide doesn’t require a wait time before re-entry, and it works exceptionally well with thrice-yearly applications.

Fire ant control and treatment in Reunion, FL, is worth the investment! Learn more by calling (239) 312-8200 or contacting Fire Ant Control, LLC online.