Fire Ant Control & Treatment in Riverview, FL

Protect your family, friends, pets, and property in Riverview, FL, from injury and damage by scheduling money-back guaranteed fire ant control and treatment from Fire Ant Control, LLC.

The Need for Fire Ant Population Management

Fire Ant Control & Treatment in Riverview, FLRed imported fire ant populations are difficult to manage, but the ubiquity of the species in Southwest Florida makes management essential. This species is invasive, lacking natural predators and competition for resources. A single acre of property with multi-queen colonies can sustain up to 40 million red imported fire ants.

This part of the world, while not the fire ants’ original habitat, is ideal for their success as a species. Warmth and regular rainfall are all that’s needed, and Southwest Florida has both in spades. The golf courses, orchards, farmland, ranches, lawns, parking lots, sidewalks, and more are fair game for infestation.

Fire ants are drawn to the warmth of the sun and electricity, and they’re voracious eaters with no preference of food. You’ll find them in your garden foraging seeds and plants, around tree roots destroying new plantings, within your laundry room and pantry chewing through pastry foils, and anywhere else you might imagine. Unfortunately, if you disturb them, they’ll climb up your limbs and bite and sting in unison, packing a punch with a unique venom that causes pain and potentially worse.

The aggressiveness, tendency to attack without provocation, and steady reproduction make red imported fire ants a scourge that needs to be controlled, but their embrace of all sorts of habitats and behaviors make control difficult.

The Fire Ant Control, LLC, process uses ant behavior to arrange for their demise. Our specialists are well-trained and armed with the best tool for the battle. We can treat lots, ranches, pastures, golf courses, residential complexes, parks, and any other type of land regardless of size. We have the logistics to cover 1,000 acres per day, and in collaboration with our sister companies, the service is available throughout the quarantined area in the Southeast US.

The Right Bait Catches Your Prey

A red imported fire ant colony is largely below ground, making it difficult to extinguish. Many Do-It-Yourself products target the mounds rather than the entire colony. Our process utilizes granular bait that worker ants think to be food and carry within the colony to the queen.

This bait then sterilizes the queen. Being unable to lay more eggs, the population bottoms out as the living colony members die. A treatment every four months will keep the area treated up to 85-95% free from fire ants – or your money back. The bi-annual reapplication of our bait is essential since the bait will be consumed or washed away, and fire ants are mobile populations.

We at Fire Ant Control, LLC, choose our bait because of how well it works in combination with how long the effects last and the safety of its composition. This bait is safe for use around people and animals and doesn’t require any wait time before allowing safe re-entry.

To secure a free estimate or a place on our service calendar, reach out online or call (239) 312-8200. Fire Ant Control, LLC, offers fire ant control and treatment for properties in Riverview, FL. No matter the type of property you manage, count on us to keep it safe to enjoy.