Fire Ant Control & Treatment in San Carlos Park, FL

If your lawn in San Carlos Park, FL, is besieged by a fire ant infestation, call on Fire Ant Control, LLC, for treatment & management of the issue. We can provide peace of mind as your children play, guests mingle, or the mail arrives.

Fire Ant Control & Treatment in San Carlos Park, FLWhen you can enjoy the lovely warmth, sunshine, and vegetation of your Southwest Florida property, the investment in our services is well worth it.

Fire ants will make their nests in all types of areas. Your lawn, underneath your home’s slab, sidewalks, pastures, gardens, orchards, and even within your pantry are all spaces vulnerable to fire ant nesting.

Unfortunately, fire ants lead to injury and property damage. When fire ants make their way beneath the home slab, they can actually destroy the structural integrity of the home. Protect your Pop-Tarts and your home’s structure with treatment every four months from Fire Ant Control, LLC.

A Targeted Approach to Fire Ant Control

Within a fire ant colony, the queen is the sole source of renewed population. She is constantly fulfilling her role, laying up to 1,500 eggs each and every day! As the colony’s population and nest expands, winged males and females will mature and fly away to mate. The male will die, and the female will drop to the ground and find the perfect place to establish her own colony.

The mobile nature of fire ants makes retreatment three times each year essential to continued fire ant control.

Untreated colonies can develop and host up to 240k worker ants, with an average of 80k per colony. Each of these workers is ready for war and set for attack at the slightest sense of danger, leading to real injury for any plant, animal, or person standing in the vicinity.

Fire ants bite and sting simultaneously. They bite and hold on with their mandibles while stinging over and over, injecting their unique venom, until they’re manually removed. The reaction may be as slight as an itchy burn all the way to death. For most, simply cleansing with soap and water will take away the pain, and the most you’ll have to deal with is a week-long lingering blister.

A small percentage of fire ant victims have a localized allergic reaction that requires medical attention, and an even smaller portion actually experiences anaphylaxis and requires urgent medical intervention.

Fire Ant Control, LLC, offers a service that works for homeowners, farmers, ranchers, and property managers of all stripes. We intervene in a manner that is effective over the long term, affordable, and convenient.

We focus on managing populations by targeting reproduction – the source of a colony’s continuation. As the colony, and the queen in particular, ingests the bait, growth is inhibited, and the queen becomes infertile, halting the progression of the colony’s expansion.

A complete life cycle equals 22-38 days, so within about a month, the property’s fire ant population will be 85-95% free of red imported fire ants. Repeated services three times per year will keep your property this way.

The convenience of our treatment is such that you don’t even have to be there. We’ll arrive, treat your property, and let you carry on with your day with as little disruption as possible.

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