Fire Ant Control & Treatment in San Marco, FL

Are you fighting a lost cause against fire ants on your property? Call Fire Ant Control, LLC, to take care of the problem. Fire ant control and treatment for your home, business, farm, or ranch in San Marco, FL, is just a phone call away for this neighborhood, as well as the rest of Jacksonville and the entirety of Duval County.

Fire Ant Control & Treatment in San Marco, FLThe best solution for red imported fire ants comes from the type of treatment we use at Fire Ant Control, LLC. We specialize in the effective control of the species on all types of land, and with the help of our sister companies, we service the entire quarantined Southeastern states of the US.

The Trouble with Red Imported Fire Ants

The trouble started in the Port of Mobile, Alabama in the 1930s when the red imported fire ant was first introduced to the US. In the time since, millions upon millions of acres have been compromised by red imported fire ant infestations, and their migration continues to this day.

The problem with eradicating the ants altogether is a combination of treatment limitations and the ants’ ability to survive and thrive in a variety of environments.

The extent of the invasion is a key reason that getting rid of the fire ants is so difficult. Treating the entire area would take so long and be so expensive that they would reinfest previously treated areas by the time the job was done!

Fire ants reproduce quickly, travel on vehicles, shipments, animals, and even the wind. Reproduction is the key problem, and fire ants produce so many queens per colony that then found their own colonies that eliminating the species from the country is unlikely, but Fire Ant Control, LLC, can help you limit them on your own property.

The Right Weapon for the Job

Fighting fire ants with an appropriate product is essential. Many poisons that are taken down into the colony cause the worker ants to die before the poison can be taken to the queen, so reproduction continues. In other cases, food is so abundant that the product doesn’t appeal to the fire ants.

Other products used to attempt fire ant management may spray the surface, and kill ants on contact. Not only is this process ineffective at controlling the population, but it’s also environmentally damaging. The chemical may remain in the soil for a long period and even get into the groundwater, and the fire ants will continue living and growing their colony below the ground.

Other chemicals may attempt to target the queen, but it’s difficult to guarantee that the product reaches her. Fire Ant Control, LLC, uses a product that overcomes all of these challenges.

The granular food-like bait that we use is proven to be appealing to fire ants, and it works as an insect growth regulator, which makes the queen(s) infertile. Within one life cycle, the fire ant population can be decreased by 85%.

Our service has a money back guarantee. With repeat treatments every four months, your property will stay up to 99% ant free year round.

The vicious red imported fire ant population on your property in San Marco, FL, can be managed with control and treatment measures from Fire Ant Control, LLC. To reserve your spot for a free consultation or to schedule a service, call (239) 312-8200.