Fire Ant Control & Treatment in Sanford, FL

Fire ants can become an overwhelming problem before you even realize that you have any issue with them. Regular fire ant control and treatment for your property in Sanford, FL, will keep the pests at bay and keep your pets, children, and guests safe from undeserved attacks. For a free estimate, call Fire Ant Control, LLC.

Fire Ant Control & Treatment in Sanford, FLDealing with an infestation of imported red fire ants on your own is next to impossible. Instead of attempting hit-and-miss solutions, potentially dangerous approaches that are ineffective at best, call the professionals. We’ll intervene with products that are deemed safe for animals and humans without a re-entry period required.

The Consequences of Unabated Imported Red Fire Ant Infestations

The imported red fire ant is an innovative critter when it comes to habitat. They’ll invade spaces far beyond your yard and garden. The foundation of your home, your laundry room, your pantry, your children’s crumb-filled playroom, your bathroom, and other areas of your home invite these ants.

They also love electric components, and they’ll infest and destroy electric breakers, HVAC units, etc. Other unexpected places vulnerable to imported red fire ants include hay bales, pet food areas, tree root systems, and more. Even when you think you understand the depths of your fire ant problem, you don’t. The real activity is occurring below ground, where they thrive in massive networks of tunnels.

Imported red fire ants will surprise you with the aggressiveness of their behavior. Even when heavy rains threaten, they survive. They’ll form a ball around the queen and eggs and float away, providing protection until they reach solid ground.

The attacks they’re known for occur in groupings. They swarm and bite and sting as an army of ants. The venom unique to the species causes painful bumps, and in some cases anaphylactic shock.

Fire Ant Control

Convenient fire ant control is available through our service. We make it simple with an application of granular bait to your property. In a matter of weeks, the population will be reduced by at least 85%, and for the next four months, the property will remain up to 95% free of imported red fire ants. For optimal results, two applications per year are mandatory for year-round control.

Our fire ant bait works as a growth inhibitor. Worker ants ingest the bait as food, and they carry it down to the queen. When she enjoys her meal, it sounds the death knell for the colony. She becomes unable to lay eggs, so as the living ants die, the colony is destroyed.

The type of land is not an issue. Our products can be used around animals and people. Call us for agricultural, commercial, public, or residential properties. With our service, you won’t have any issue with imported red fire ants in your pets’ food dish, your flower garden, kitchen pantry, or children’s sand box.

If you have a home, golf course, restaurant, farm, ranch, or any other property in Sanford, FL, you need fire ant control and treatment. Dial (239) 312-8200 for more information about the process used by Fire Ant Control, LLC, to get a free estimate, or to set up a time for your service call.