Fire Ant Control & Treatment in Slavia, FL

Are you battling red imported fire ants in Slavia, FL, and need effective fire ant control & treatment? Look no further than Fire Ant Control, LLC, to mitigate the risks of these vicious creatures at your home or business.

Fire Ant Control & Treatment in Slavia, FLSolenopsis invicta is the scientific name for red imported fire ants, the worst of the fire ant species. These fire ants aren’t native to the area. They were accidentally introduced through the Port of Mobile during the 1930s. Being an invasive species, these fire ants have little natural competition, and since they also have an accelerated breeding capacity and aggressive nature, controlling the population of colonies is difficult.

Fire Ant Control, LLC, along with our sister companies, can provide service to the whole area covered by quarantine regarding fire ant spread, and our capacity for service reaches 1,000 acres per day.

Risks Involved with Fire Ants

The injury caused by red imported fire ants is quite painful. Unfortunately, red imported fire ants will attack with little provocation. A misplaced step, wind, or vibration can cause an attack that will leave you with painful blisters.

Wash bites and stings with soap and water or treat with an alcohol wipe to eliminate the pain as quickly as possible. Monitor the situation, however, because some people may have a serious allergic reaction to the unique venom fire ants have. This situation will require immediate medical intervention.

People aren’t the only living creatures at risk to fire ants. Your pets and livestock can also be vulnerable to attack. Particularly at risk are sick or newly born animals. Be cautious when keeping animals penned, when providing bales of hay for food, and feeding animals in troughs. These areas are prime for fire ant issues.

Property damage is still another risk. Fire ants seek warmth, and machinery and electrical equipment can provide this feature as well as shelter. Electrical equipment, A/C units, and even your home’s foundation can be at risk to permanent damage from fire ant infestations.

Handling the Problem

Fire ants can be tricky. They live largely underground with little evidence of their presence visible above ground. You may not even notice their mounds, but rest assured, untreated properties in South Florida will have a fire ant infestation. They’re too prevalent to the area to not have an issue with them.

The population numbers are staggering. Single-queen colonies will house around 7 million red imported fire ants per acre, and multi-queen colonies will house up to 40 million per acre! As you can see, effective treatment needs to address the entire colony rather than just the ones located near the mounds.

If you own a property in South Florida, you must have a plan for controlling fire ants. Without it, you risk being attacked any time that you spend a moment outdoors. In fact, the fire ants will cause costly damage and eventually even make their way into the home.

Our methods involve precise placement of our granular bait that acts as a Trojan horse. The worker ants carry the bait to the queen, and she becomes sterile upon consumption. After one life cycle, the colony will be reduced by 85-95% since no new ants will grow to replace the living ants as they die.

Prevent injury and damage on your property in Slavia, FL, by seeking fire ant control & treatment from Fire Ant Control, LLC. Call us today to set up your initial consultation or to set up service. You may also contact us online by following this link.