Fire Ant Control & Treatment in Sorrento, FL

Protect your children, guests, or customers in Sorrento, FL, by calling on Fire Ant Control, LLC, to apply the most effective treatment available.

Fire Ant Control & Treatment in Sorrento, FLRed imported fire ants are an invasive species that arrived in the United States in 1930 and have since spread throughout the southern states. Fire Ant Control, LLC, along with our partnering companies covers the entire quarantined region in the South East. We specialize in managing fire ant populations without regard to property type or size.

The Trouble with Fire Ants

Fire ants thrive in this region! The moisture, warmth, and sun create a paradise for the creatures, and their spread will continue unabated without expertly applied intervention. Leaving what you perceive to be a small fire ant population alone will soon result in a major issue with unprovoked attacks as you walk through your property, mow your yard, or feed your animals.

Nothing Is Safe from Fire Ant Damage

Fire ants won’t respect the boundaries of your garden.

From your young trees and plants to the seeds you’ve planted in the ground and even the earthworms that fertilize the earth, fire ants will wreak havoc on your crops. The bees, harmless ant species, and other members of the insect world that spread seed and facilitate pollination are also prey for red imported fire ants.

Fire ants don’t stop at the gates of your pasture.

Whether you grow cattle for sale or simply have a few horses for pleasure riding, fire ants will run amok within your pasture.

Sick animals, caged or stabled animals, and the caretakers of said animals are all vulnerable to fire ant attack. Fire ants will infest hay bales, feed storage, barns, and various other areas, and they will attack if anyone disturbs their nests. While we all know how painful these ants can be, consider the danger of riding through the pasture when ants attack your horse.

Fire ants destroy real property like HVAC units, home foundations, breaker boxes, etc. The only way to protect from this damage is to clear the ant population.

Go with the Fire Ant Management Method That Works

The products we use concentrate on stopping the colony’s queen from laying new eggs. We apply bait to the property, and the worker ants transport it down into the colony to the queen. When she ingests it, she becomes sterile. No new ants means the end of the population. The bait we use is approved for use around animals and people, and you won’t have to wait before re-entering the property.

This treatment does not work right away, but it lasts far longer and works far more extensively than the expensive, harsh chemicals found at your local home improvement store.

Fire Ant Control, LLC, recommends that you reschedule treatment after four months. The bait will have been consumed or washed away, and new fire ants may move in and establish a nest. If you stick to the six-month schedule and the property fails to remain 85% free of red imported fire ants, we’ll return your money. That’s our guarantee.

The treatment you need to control the fire ant population in your Sorrento, FL, property is as easy as calling Fire Ant Control, LLC. The methods we apply are cost-effective and long-lasting. For a free estimate or to schedule your service, reach out online or call (239) 312-8200.