Fire Ant Control & Treatment in South Apopka, FL

Stop battling fire ants with ineffective weapons! Enlist powerful and strategic fire ant control and treatment measures in South Apopka, FL, by calling the team at Fire Ant Control, LLC

Fire Ant Control & Treatment in South Apopka, FLThe most effective solution for red imported fire ants is available here with Fire Ant Control, LLC. We manage the species on all types of properties, both public and private. In collaboration with our sister companies, we’re able to meet the needs of the whole quarantined area within the United States, which covers the country’s Southeast region. In a single day, 1,000 acres can be treated. 

The Fire Ant Problem

The war between property owners and red imported fire ants began at the Port of Mobile, Alabama, in the 1930s when the scourge of the ant world found its way into the United States. Over the near century since that time, the entire southern half of the country has been overrun by fire ants, and in the Southeast, they’ve firmly established their dominance. 

The reasons that they’ve been so successful are the same as the reasons that they’re so hard to control. Fire ants do well within various environments and survive extremes that might otherwise limit other species. As a species, they prioritize the community’s survival over the individual. From extreme heat and cold to drought, flooding, winds, and more, few conditions are able to threaten the future of fire ants.

Yet another problem with eliminating fire ants is that they’ve spread so far and wide. As soon as one area is treated, they return to another area. The fact is that they’re likely here to stay, so individual property owners need to deal with them.

Red imported fire ants spread far and wide because they fly to mate, slip into cargo ships, hitch rides on animals, and more. Queens lay thousands of eggs each day, so controlling the population won’t happen without addressing her reproductive abilities.

The Weapon to Win the War

Battling red imported fire ants with the right weapon is key to success. Fighting fire ants by targeting reproduction is key. We use a granular bait that acts as an insect growth inhibitor and stops the queen from laying more eggs. The bait is seen as food, so the ants carry it to the queen, which is most likely the only way to reach her.

The product that we use works. Alternative products are on the market. They come as sprays and baits from the big box store or off the back of the landscaper’s truck, but they don’t work well. In addition, the products may get into the groundwater and cause environmental damage or put your pet, family, and neighbors in danger.

Within a single life cycle, your property will be at least 85% free of fire ants when you choose our service, and as long as you schedule repeat service every four months, it will stay that way. The bait that we use stops the queen from laying eggs, so the population dies out as the living ants expire.

Fire ant control and treatment for your property in South Apopka, FL, is as essential as any other scheduled maintenance. Book your spot on our schedule today by calling (239) 312-8200 or contacting us online by clicking here.