Fire Ant Control & Treatment in Southchase, FL

Check fire ant control and treatment off of your property owner’s to-do list in Southchase in the Orlando, FL area with a simple service from Fire Ant Control, LLC. Our professionalism, effectiveness, and ease make us the ideal provider of fire ant population management.

Fire Ant Control & Treatment in Southchase, FLRed imported fire ants are just one of many ant species that will come into your yard and home, but they are the worst! The physical injury that comes from fire ants occurs as the pests attack, all as a swarm. They climb upward, biting and holding on, and then stinging relentlessly.

The stings from fire ants inject a venom that only these ants possess, leaving behind painful blisters with a pustule in the center. These sores will linger for about seven days and should be kept clean to avoid infection. For a small portion of the population, the venom can trigger anaphylaxis and even death without medical treatment.

The aggressive nature of red imported fire ants make them a real problem. Appropriate management solutions will allow your family and guests to freely enjoy the property without being unexpectedly attacked. However, the only real way to deal with fire ants is to call in the professionals.

Fire Ant Control, LLC, deals with the problem by focusing on the queen’s ability to propagate the colony. The granular bait that we use is actually an insect growth inhibitor; although, the ants believe it to be food. The scavenging ants carry it down to the queen, leaving her infertile and dooming the future of the colony. As the life cycle completes, no new ants equal a no longer existing fire ant population.

This process works quite effectively when repeated every four months. We guarantee that properties that follow this protocol remain at least 85% free of fire ants, or we’ll return your service fee.

The reason that we require the repeated service three times per year is that fire ants are highly mobile. Each colony produces winged males and females that will fly to mate upon maturity. After mating in the air, the male will die, and the queen will lose her wings and drop to the ground. She’ll then identify the best place to establish her queendom and lay the first generation of a new colony.

The challenge of handling red imported fire ants stems from the fact that the species isn’t native to the US and lacks natural competition for resources. After making their way through the Port of Mobile in the 1930s, they quickly made their presence settled throughout the southern half of the United States.

Plenty of water, warm temperatures, and food supplies fulfill the needs of fire ants and promote fast reproduction. Red imported fire ants can nest practically anywhere including wiring, HVAC systems, underneath home foundations, and even within your pantry!

Booking with Fire Ant Control, LLC, is as easy as a phone call or online contact with our office staff. Property owners in Southchase, FL, near Orlando, can be confident in the fire ant control and treatment measures that we use. They have been approved for applications with pets, livestock, crops, and people, without a wait time for re-entry. Reach out today for your booking or with questions regarding our processes by following this link or calling (239) 312-8200.