Fire Ant Control & Treatment in Southern Oaks, FL

Fire ants don’t know boundaries. They’ll invade a golf course just as they would a pasture or yard. Whether you need to protect the residents of your home, the guests at the resort you manage, or the customers who patronize your business, call on Fire Ant Control, LLC, for control and treatment measures in Southern Oaks, FL.

Introducing the Worst of the Fire Ants

Fire Ant Control & Treatment in Southern Oaks, FLThe imported red fire ant is the worst of the ant species. Originally from South America, the fire ant has a leg up in the competition for resources and reacts more aggressively, breeds faster, and survives harsher conditions than other types of ants.

You’ll know you’re dealing with an imported red fire ant swarm when you see them. They have a deep red thorax and a black abdomen, and they’ll likely be swarming and attacking. They have a venom that’s unique to them and leaves a red bump with a hard-white center and can create anaphylactic reactions in those with allergies.

The industriousness of imported red fire ants is quite impressive. The colony they build underground is extensive and complex with the entrance and exit at the 10” tall mound on the surface. The mound also provides radiant heating for the colony. The red imported fire ant is able to withstand significantly low temperatures and heavy rains.

The red imported fire ant population is extensive. Within a property that has single queen colonies, you might have seven million ants per acre, and with multi-queen colonies, the population could extend to 40 million imported red fire ants per acre.

The mounds might be unobtrusive and go unnoticed, but take care, the slightest disruption of a mound will result in a relentless attack. Most properties in this area are almost certainly infested with red imported fire ants.

Protecting Your Landscaping and Gardening

The red imported fire ant can be disastrous to vegetation. Their nesting behavior exposes roots, drying them out, scatters seeds, and chews through tuber roots, resulting in failed trees, planting beds, and gardens.

Protecting Your Home and Its Components

The nesting behavior of the red imported fire ant is such that it puts your home in danger of destruction. From the foundation to the HVAC system, breaker unit, and even the laundry and pantry, no place in your home is impenetrable to fire ants.

Fire Ant Control Measures That Work

Fire Ant Control, LLC, uses a granular bait that ants think is food but is actually an insect growth regulator. We use the worker ants as our minions to carry the bait to the queen. She becomes sterile, lays no new eggs, and the population dies out within one life cycle.

The bait that we use has approval for use on any type of land and around animals and people without a re-entry interval.

The Fire Ant Control, LLC, method doesn’t work right away, but it lasts for four months at a time. We back this with a money back guarantee. If you schedule a repeat service every four months and the fire ants return before the end of four months, we’ll refund your fee.

Call (239) 312-8200 today to schedule a free estimate or a treatment from Fire Ant Control, LLC, in Southern Oaks, FL. We’re fully licensed, insured, and highly experienced, so call on us to manage your fire ant population.