Fire Ant Control & Treatment in St. Augustine, FL

In St. Augustine, FL, excellent fire ant control and treatment is as close as Fire Ant Control, LLC. By providing beautiful beaches, antique architecture, and sunny warm weather year-round, people flock to this area. Unfortunately, so do fire ants. Banish your fire ant population by allowing our team to apply the potent granular bait treatment that works.

Fire Ant Control & Treatment in St. Augustine, FLThe ideal solution to red imported fire ants comes from Fire Ant Control, LLC. Careful application of the bait that we use manages the population by targeting reproduction, and the product is regulated and deemed safe for applications around people and animals without a waiting period required for re-entering the space.

Once the bait is in place, fire ants deem it to be food, enjoy a bite, and then take it into the colony to the waiting queen. Once the queen takes her tribute and ingests it, she becomes unable to reproduce, so the population dies off as the living ants go the way of the dodo. Our measures work comprehensively unlike the sprays and chemicals found at home improvement stores and with landscaping companies.

While our process is not fast-acting, we target more than the surface like sprays do. Within one life cycle, your property will be 85-95% free of red imported fire ants.

With repeat treatments every four months, your property will remain this free of ants, or your money back.

The fire ant bait that we apply doesn’t last forever. Fire ants typically fly to mate so they may make a stop on your property and establish a colony. In order to stop this colonization in its tracks, make sure to schedule a service with Fire Ant Control, LLC every four months.

Key Facts Regarding Red Imported Fire Ants

To fight your enemy, know your enemy.

  • Fire ants mate in the sky. After the mating is complete, the female (queen) falls to the ground and finds a place for a new fire ant colony.
  • Fire ant colonies include a queen and workers. As the queen lays her eggs, workers care for her and the eggs, build the colony, put up a defense, and build the complex tunnels that make up the colony.
  • When a queen is kept well fed by the worker ants, she can deposit 1,500 eggs each day.
  • The worker ants of the colony live between 30-180 days once adults while queens can live up to 7 years.
  • Colonies with one queen have between 40-150 mounds and 7 million fire ants per acre.
  • Colonies with more than one queen can have 200+ mounds and 40 million fire ants per acre.
  • Red imported fire ants build mounds that serve as entrance/exit points and a source of solar heat. These mounds are usually 10” in height, the width of a dinner plate, and can lie up to 25’ from the center of the colony. (That’s why treating the mound is an exercise in futility since the bulk of the population will remain safe and simply move the mound to a new location.)
  • Fire ants are drawn to the warmth of electrical equipment and will chew through wires and block airflow. They also build under home foundations and sidewalks, risking the entire home.

Fire ants are capable of doing significant damage to your property and injury to your family and guests in St. Augustine, FL. Prevent this risk by calling Fire Ant Control, LLC at (239) 312-8200 for fire ant control and treatment.