Fire Ant Control & Treatment in Sylvan Shores, FL

If you’re looking for the most successful fire ant control & treatment in Sylvan Shores, FL, you’ve found it with Fire Ant Control, LLC. Our service provides fire ant management for private and public properties, and we offer a money-back guarantee behind our process.

Fire Ant Control & Treatment in Sylvan Shores, FLRed imported fire ants love Florida for the same reasons we do: the sun, warmth, lush vegetation, etc. At this point, you’ll find these pests inhabiting every property that isn’t treated, but if you need verification, look for the clues.

Round, flat mounds of loose soil are the only above-ground signs you’ll see other than fire ants themselves. They do most of their living underground, where they constantly build and expand the nest of tunnels that connect the mounds.

If you have fire ants, you’ll find them when you’re attacked, or you can look around after a heavy rain to spot any mounds that have popped up beside elevated areas.

Fire Ant Control, LLC, successfully manages fire ants. We use a strong bait that resembles food to the fire ants, and when they carry it into the colony, it destroys the population from the inside. This bait doesn’t explode or immediately make the area toxic. Instead, it targets the reproductive abilities of the queen, so as the living ants die, the colony does as well.

Our bait has been approved for use on properties with people and animals without requiring a wait time for re-entry following application. It works far better than chemicals or other methods that only target the surface ants or mounds.

Preparing for Battle

Understanding red imported fire ants is important to dealing with them. Fire ants aren’t native to the US or even North America. Over the course of a century, they have spread throughout the southern US, establishing a significant presence in the Southeast US.

If you have been stung by a fire ant, you know the source of the name. They inject a unique venom that causes pain, a blister, and, for some people, a dangerous allergic reaction.

When fire ants nest, they do so underground with tunnels that can spread incredibly far.

Fire ant colonies usually have a single queen with 100k-500k worker ants and hundreds of winged male and female ants. The workers do the food gathering, egg and larva care, colony defense, and other work while the queen simply lays eggs.

The queen can actually lay 1,500 eggs/day, leading to substantial populations. On properties with one queen colonies, an acre can have 7 million fire ants, and multi-queen colonies may have up to 40 million.

The fire ant diet includes practically everything. They’ll eat crops, bugs, and even small animals. Their attacks are aggressive and collective, climbing and stinging and biting all at the same time.

Our process targets reproduction, but it must be repeated three times per year because fire ants fly to mate and establish new colonies.

If you’re in the market for fire ant control & treatment in Sylvan Shores, FL, you’ve found it with Fire Ant Control, LLC. We provide the premier service available and offer free estimates and a money back guarantee as long as customers follow through with retreatments every four months. Your property will remain 85% free of fire ants, or we’ll return your fee. Learn more today by calling (239) 312-8200 or contacting us online.