Fire Ant Control & Treatment in Tangelo Park, FL

The Florida lifestyle should be filled with splendid days outdoors, unspoiled by fire ant attacks. Fire Ant Control, LLC, uses the most current and effective methods of fire ant control and treatment to protect your lifestyle, property, and person in Tangelo Park, FL.

Fire Ant Control & Treatment in Tangelo Park, FLInvesting in fire ant control is worth the results. DIY methods that promise dead fire ants do kill a few ants, but they don’t work substantially or for the long term. We promise a treatment that will achieve a minimum of 85% reduction in population that lasts for four months at a time. Fire Ant Control, LLC, is fully insured, licensed, and armed with a special granular bait that works well.

FYI Regarding Imported Red Fire Ants

Red imported fire ants are known as the worst type of fire ant. They have the worst bite, a unique venom, fast reproduction, and a vicious tendency to attack. It’s not just your body and animals at risk, either. These ants can destroy personal property.

The unique venom of fire ants makes fire ant bites particularly painful. They create a red bump with a hard-white center and, if the victim has an allergy, the attack could be deadly.

Walk around any property in South Florida, and you’ll likely see fire ant mounds. From parks to playgrounds, pastures, and lawns, no property escapes the scourge of fire ant infestation. One acre of property with multi-queen colonies can have fire ant populations reaching 40 million fire ants!

Fire ants are remarkable builders. Mounds above ground serve as the entrance, exit, and solar heating mechanism, but the majority of the population remains underground extending the network of tunnels to accommodate the ever-growing population of fire ants.

Extremely resistant to danger, red imported fire ants survive cold weather and heavy rains. During rains, they’ll even form a ball around the queen and float to a dry surface. This survival mechanism explains the presence of fresh mounds near elevated surfaces following a downpour.

The survival instincts of fire ants extend to their diet. In addition to plants and seeds, fire ants will feed on vulnerable animals and even pantry items once they invade your home.

How Our Methods Work

The Fire Ant Control method employs a growth inhibitor that sterilizes the queen. By targeting reproduction, we’re able to manage the population.

We use a granular bait that resembles food. The worker ants carry it to the queen without realizing it will lead to the demise of the colony. When our clients follow through with treatments every four months, the area in question will remain up to 95% free of fire ants.

Our products are deemed safe for use around people and pets with no requirement to wait any period of time before re-entering the space.

The six-month interval between treatments won’t see any return of significant fire ant populations, but waiting too long will result in a re-infestation. Ants are mobile, fly to mate, and establish new colonies after mating.

To schedule your fire ant control and treatment service in Tangelo Park, FL, call (239) 312-8200. We’ll be glad to come out and provide a free estimate for your service. Fire Ant Control, LLC, is fully licensed and insured, and we can handle your fire ant problem no matter the type or size of the property in question.