Fire Ant Control & Treatment in Tarpon Springs, FL

Are you dealing with an intractable fire ant problem at your residence, business, or farm?

Fire Ant Control, LLC, is here to help. We will provide the surest measures of fire ant control & treatment for properties in Tarpon Springs, FL.

Fire Ant Control & Treatment in Tarpon Springs, FLFire Ant Control, LLC, serves as the premiere method of managing the fire ant population. It is both effective in function and cost, so property owners would be wise to call us first. Avoid the DIY attempts; you’ll just waste money and possibly cause injury to yourself or others.

Tarpon Springs is a beautiful place to call home, but as much as you love it, so do red imported fire ants. Red imported fire ants can ruin a good day whether you’re gardening, checking your mail, or spending a day at the park.

When they attack, which they do at the slightest provocation, red imported fire ants do so as a team. They climb upward, then bite and sting simultaneously. They hold on and sting repeatedly, and the venom that they have is unique to them, causing equally unique blisters. The pain will usually go around with time, and cleaning the areas with soap and water or alcohol will speed up the pain diminishment.

However, a small portion of the population will have a much more serious reaction and go into anaphylaxis, which can lead to death without medical assistance. When children experience this type of attack for the first time, you need to monitor them to make sure they don’t have this allergic response.

The red imported fire ant is a problem across the country; they’ve invaded all of its southern half since their arrival in the country in the 1930s. These fire ants significantly affect agricultural, commercial, residential, and commercial properties, but we provide an extremely effective method of population management.

Aggressive, abundant, and resilient, fire ants are difficult to manage. Infestations are often quite dense and require strategic measures to manage. To have any real impact, you’ll have to address the queen, the source of the population. Otherwise, she’ll just keep making more ants.

The method that we use employs an insect growth regulator in the form of a granular bait that we apply in a targeted fashion to your property. We can treat any property from a small yard to thousands of acres of farmland.

This bait is carried into the colony by the worker ants, ingested by the queen, and sterilizes her. Unable to repopulate the colony, the queen will die off, as will the remainder of the population. The product that we use has been approved for use on all sorts of properties and around people, pets, livestock, and crops without a re entry period after application.

This process will keep your property 85-95% free of fire ants as long as you remember that it works for four months at a time. If you fail to reschedule service three times per year, the money back guarantee will be moot.

Red imported fire ants cause damage, injury, and more. The effective fire ant control & treatment measures that we at Fire Ant Control, LLC, supply in Tarpon Springs, FL, will prevent these poor outcomes. Learn more today by using our online contact form or calling us today at (239) 312-8200.