Fire Ant Control & Treatment in The Villages, FL

Live the good life without having to watch out for red imported fire ants! Fire ant control & treatment in The Villages, FL, provided by Fire Ant Control, LLC, will allow you to swing your clubs, plant flowers, and otherwise enjoy the outdoor areas of your property comfortably.

We offer the most effective method for handling a fire ant problem. Fire Ant Control, LLC, is comprehensively licensed and insured, and we guarantee our service for four month periods.

Understand the Difficulty of Managing Red Imported Fire Ants

Fire Ant Control & Treatment in The Villages, FLRed imported fire ants, scientifically named Solenopsis invicta, are difficult to manage. The species is an aggressive defender of its population, a quick reproducer, and a consumer of diverse nutrients.

Fire ants are pretty ubiquitous throughout the southern states. You’ll find nests of them anywhere, but they do prefer moist, open, sunny areas, which makes pasturelands, golf courses, and parks particularly vulnerable.

Fire ants know a few activities: scavenge for food, defend the colony, expand the colony’s tunnel structure, and, above all else, protect the queen. As millions of ants lie below ground, you may only see a few mounds above ground.

In a single acre of property with multiple queen colonies, you could have up to 40 million fire ants lurking below ground, building and destroying.

Survival is the goal of red imported fire ants. This survival isn’t for themselves as individuals but for the colony. They’re quite good at reaching their goal. In addition to voraciously eating practically anything, red imported fire ant populations survive harsh conditions, extremely low temperatures, and even flooding.

During floods, fire ants create a raft from their own bodies and surround the queen to protect her as they float to safety, where the population will simply renew their construction efforts.

When populations become quite large, fire ants will make their way into homes via HVAC systems, AC units, doors, and windows. They will destroy everything from your air unit to your home’s foundation and even the wiring within your home. Do not let an infestation go unchecked.

If the damage to your property isn’t bad enough, the pain caused by the bites from fire ants will inspire you to act. The unique venom that they inject causes a blister and for some causes an allergic reaction that requires medical intervention.

The Effective Management of Fire Ants

Managing the population of fire ants requires eliminating the queen, the source of the population.

Our methods do just that. The granular bait that we apply makes it impossible for her to reproduce. Since she can’t lay new eggs, as the population plays out its existing life cycle, the colony dies. This method requires treatment three times per year to keep your property 85-95% free of red imported fire ants.

Our bait is an insect growth regulator, and it has been deemed appropriate for use around people, animals, and pets. We service all types of properties including residences, farms, golf resorts, and more.

Ants are mobile and will return to your property as the bait is used up and washed away over time. For the money-back guarantee to stay in full force, you’ll need to treat your property every four months.

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