Fire Ant Control & Treatment in Thornton Park, FL

Initial indications of a fire ant presence on your property in Thornton Park near Orlando, FL, merit a call to the team here at Fire Ant Control, LLC. Failing to take immediate action to check the population growth of fire ants is a recipe for damage and injury.

Fire Ant Control & Treatment in Thornton Park, FLOur program of fire ant control works because it targets the queen’s ability to reproduce. The granular bait that we use operates as an insect growth inhibitor, so once she’s left unable to lay new eggs, the colony zeros out as the living ants expire. Approved for use in areas that house people and pets, the granular bait is strong yet requires no wait time before re-entering the property.

Fire Ant Management Frequently Asked Questions

If you’ve lived in the southern US for very long, you’re familiar with the risks of fire ants. Unfortunately, many misunderstandings exist regarding how to control the problem. Let’s clear some up.

Question: What makes fire ants attack?

Answer: Fire ants bite and sting simultaneously. They do so aggressively but usually only when they sense a threat to the colony. At the slightest disturbance, an army of fire ants will swarm forth, attacking viciously all at once.

Question: What home remedies kill fire ants?

Answer: Bleach, vinegar, salt water, soapy water, boiling water, and fire, just to name a few, are all home remedies that some suggest to eradicate fire ants. Unfortunately, all of these treatments are largely ineffective, damaging, and dangerous in some cases.

Question: What steps can homeowners take to minimize fire ants?

Answer: Fire ants seek food. They don’t care if it’s fruit left on your kitchen island, unsealed dog food containers, or the crumbs your kids left on the floor. Water is another need fire ants have, so if you have a leak that goes unrepaired, it will draw fire ants, and other insects, into your home.

Question: What is a method that works to manage fire ant populations?

Answer: The method used by Fire Ant Control, LLC, is the most effective way to manage fire ants on all types of properties – residential, commercial, agricultural, and more.

The Fire Ant Control Treatment Method

Red imported fire ants might love the Florida climate, but they don’t love the treatment measures used by the team at Fire Ant Control, LLC. Our measures will provide the intervention necessary to protect your landscaping, home’s structural integrity, and residents and guests.

The product that we employ doesn’t target the fire ant mound. Instead, our efforts target the continued repopulation of the fire ant colony. The majority of fire ant activity occurs underground, where the intricate network of tunnels lies. The bait that we apply is directed into the colony by scavenging fire ants, who carry it to the queen.

Consuming the bait sterilizes the queen, effectively destroying the colony at its source. Application of this bait every four months will keep your property up 85% to 95% free of fire ants. As long as you keep up with this schedule, we offer a money-back guarantee in this regard.

An essential element of property ownership in Thornton Park near Orlando, FL, fire ant control and treatment from the pros here at Fire Ant Control, LLC, is effortless and effective. With questions about the process or requests to schedule service, call us today at (239) 312-8200 or click here.